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Bimetallic lugs for solar

Bimetallic Lugs & Solution for Solar Industry

The solar industry is one of the most flourishing sectors in India. Electricity production using solar energy is getting much cheaper and easy. The bimetallic solutions like bimetallic lugs & joints are playing a crucial role here. In this article, we will discuss how bimetallic solutions are becoming the norm …

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Earthing for a Distribution or Transmission Line

Earthing is an important part of electrical distribution lines. Installation of a protective grounding on the power line structure creates a safe work zone. It neutralises leakages or short-circuit current and offers a simple and easy path for the current to the earth with zero damage potential. Importance of Earthing …

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What is Substation Earthing? [Explained with Calculations]

What is Substation Earthing? The fundamental role of any substation earthing is to dissipate the short circuit current into the earth without drying out the area and to limit the potential gradient throughout the substation to maintain the step and touch voltages within safe values. There are two features considered …

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Earthing for substation

Earthing for Substations – IEEE 80

Introduction In this trending era of technology and development, earthing in substations plays a vital role. An electrical power system comprises a network of electrical elements that can be used to generate, distribute and transmit electrical energy through transmission lines. A substation is a part of an electrical power system …

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Cable Lugs Design

Cable Lugs Design and Safety Principles as Defined in IEC & UL Standard

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on our Earthing and Lightning Protection Products! Cable lugs help in the easy installation of cable termination and aid in the repair and maintenance of electrical devices or cables. Commonly, the lugs are used to connect one cable with another or to connect …

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Lightning Protection

Earthing & Lightning Protection System for Substations

In an electrical substation, Lightning Protection System is important for the smooth operation of electrical networks during lighting strikes. Lightning strikes can cause severe damages due to the surge of extra voltage during a strike that is injected into a transformer. As a result, a strike and switching can cause …

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Looking back at moments from 2020 and plan for 2021

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on our products! The year 2020 started just like any other year, our team was in the middle of our business plan exercises, were trying to ship out orders before the end of the financial year and overall we were looking forward to …

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What causes Lightning?

What causes Lightning? Why do we need Lightning Arresters?

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on Lightning Protection and our Lightning Arresters! What Causes Lightning? Most lightning never reaches the ground, they just stay within the cloud where they originated. Sometimes a charge may escape the cloud and create a magnificent piece of art for photographers along with …

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Lightning for Solar

Lightning Protection for Rooftop Solar PV Plants

Lightning Protection for my Rooftop Solar System? Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates  Rooftop Solar PV Plants which are placed at the top of buildings making them susceptible to direct lightning strikes require protection using correctly designed lightning protection using lightning arresters and surge protection to ensure long …

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What is the difference between Bonding, Grounding and Earthing?

Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates  The importance of Bonding, Grounding and Earthing in electrical systems cannot be overstated. In a factory, in order for the equipment to function properly, the grounded circuits need an effective return path from the equipment to the power source. In any kind …

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