AB Cable Accessories

AB Cable Accessories for Your Electrical Systems!

AB Cable Accessories are essential components of an Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) system, ensuring safe and reliable power distribution. They provide support, strain relief, secure connections, and termination points for ABC systems without damaging the cable’s insulation.

These accessories include suspension clamps, anchoring clamps, service clamps, insulation piercing connectors, midspan joints, pre-insulated bimetallic lugs, and low voltage distribution boxes.

AB Cable Accessories

AB Cable Accessories

Suspension Clamps

Keep your wires safe and secure with our top-notch suspension clamps. Specifically designed for low voltage applications, these clamps ensure that your wires stay protected while being lifted or shifted around. It’s an essential component for any homeowner looking to keep their electricity working safely and reliably.

Anchoring Clamps

Say goodbye to tangled wires and broken insulations! Our anchoring clamps take care of everything – from suspending wire systems to creating sharp bends without harming the insulation. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, this is one product every household should have.

Service Clamps

Get complete peace of mind when connecting your service wires with our premium service clamps. Designed specifically to handle insulated services, they not only provide stable support but also facilitate easy taps, angles, and anchors. Don’t compromise on quality – upgrade to Axis today.

Insulation Piercing Connectors

No need to worry about those tricky electrical connections anymore! Our insulation piercing connectors do all the hard work for you, allowing quick and hassle-free tapping of any type of cable system. The perfect solution for those who want professional results without breaking a sweat.

Midspan Joints & Pre-insulated Bimetallic Lugs

Cable joints don’t always have to be complicated. Our midspan joints and pre-insulated bimetallic lugs simplify the process, making it easier than ever before to join or terminate insulated cable runs. Engineered with precision, durability, and versatility in mind, there’s nothing else quite like them on the market.

Low Voltage Distribution Boxes

Split your electrical main feed like a pro using our state-of-the-art distribution boxes! Perfect for homes big and small, these boxes give you total control over your circuit breakers, making it a cinch to manage and distribute power as needed.

Why Choose Axis AB Cable Accessories?

Mechanical Testing

The clamps and connectors mentioned above undergo load tests, slip tests & endurance tests to ensure that the device can withstand the load conditions of the AB Cable in real-world scenarios without slippage. The midspan joints and pre-insulated bimetallic lugs are put through their mechanical tests after the crimping of the products. The insulation-piercing connectors also have to make their connection without causing damage to the conductor. Thus, the tap and main conductor are put through a tensile strength test after the application of the IPC to ensure that cable strands have not been cut through the application of the product which would weaken the conductor. 

Electrical Testing

Accessories such as clamps and connectors undergo a 6 kV test to ensure that none of their components become electrified during operation, promoting the safety of power line workers or any person who may accidentally touch the product. Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPCs) are tested to a 6 kV underwater test to ensure a waterproof connection without any electrical leakage. Low Voltage Distribution Boxes are tested for surges from 2 kV to 4 kV to ensure no leakage current and intact performance during an electrical surge. 

Environmental Testing

Since the accessories are used in outdoor overhead power distribution systems, they must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Clamps are tested for corrosion and climatic aging to ensure their durability against direct sunlight, rain, and other outdoor elements. Distribution boxes undergo tests for the effects of UV rays on the product, ensuring they can withstand long-term exposure to sunlight. 

By conducting comprehensive electrical and environmental testing, Axis ensures that their AB Cable Accessories are safe, reliable, and suitable for outdoor power distribution systems.

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