Bimetallic lugs are electrical connectors that are used in a variety of applications to provide a secure and reliable connection between two conductors. Axis lugs are designed to accommodate different wire sizes and types and are commonly used in electrical installations, such as in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

These lugs are made from two different metals that have different thermal expansion coefficients, which allows the lug to expand and contract as needed without losing its electrical conductivity or mechanical integrity. This makes them suitable for use in a wide range of applications and environments, including those with fluctuating temperatures or high electrical loads.

Applications of Bimetallic Lugs:

  1. Connecting electrical wiring to circuit breakers, fuse boxes, and other electrical components.
  2. Connecting grounding wires to grounding rods, water pipes, and other grounding sources.
  3. Joining two or more electrical wires together to extend the length of a circuit or to create a branch circuit.
  4. Terminating the ends of electrical cables, such as those used in appliances, machinery, and other electrical equipment.
  5. Providing a secure and reliable connection between electrical components, such as motors, transformers, and switchgear.