Bimetallic PG Clamps | Parallel Groove Connectors

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Conductor Size mm2(Al ): 35 – 300,Conductor Size mm2(Cu): 35 – 240

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Bimetallic Parallel Groove Connectors, also known as Bimetallic PG Clamps. These state-of-the-art mechanical devices are specifically designed to connect and secure both aluminium and copper conductors in electrical systems. Bimetallic PG Clamps are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including overhead power transmission and distribution lines, substations, and various electrical installations. Below, we will delve into the numerous features and benefits that set these connectors apart from the competition.

Bimetallic Advantage

One of the unique characteristics of Bimetallic PG Clamps is the incorporation of two different metals in their construction. The connectors feature an aluminium side and a copper side, ensuring compatibility with a broader range of conductor materials. This bimetallic design not only facilitates easy connections between dissimilar metals but also helps to prevent galvanic corrosion, providing enhanced durability and longevity.

Material Quality and Composition

The Bimetallic Parallel Groove Connectors are expertly crafted using high-quality aluminium alloy and copper, which ensures excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The aluminium alloy used is 99.5% pure, which maintains high conductivity, significantly reducing power loss and enhancing overall performance. The copper side is made of high-quality, electrolytic copper, ensuring optimal electrical conductivity and compatibility with copper conductors.

Innovative Design

The innovative parallel groove design of these connectors guarantees secure and reliable connections between conductors. Each groove is meticulously contoured to match the shape of the conductor, ensuring a proper contact area and significantly reducing the chances of conductor slippage. Furthermore, the grooves are filled with an oxide inhibitor to prevent corrosion, further enhancing the electrical connection.

International Certifications and Compliance

Manufactured according to IS5561:2018, the Bimetallic PG Clamps adhere to strict international quality, reliability, and safety standards. This certification instills confidence in the product’s performance and ensures compliance with applicable regulations and requirements.

Ease of Installation

Bimetallic PG Clamps can be easily installed using torque wrenches, ensuring proper clamping force and a reliable connection. The connector is placed over the conductors, and the bolts are tightened to the recommended torque specifications. This user-friendly installation process saves time and effort, streamlining the overall project timeline.

Versatile Sizes and Configurations

Bimetallic PG Connectors come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different conductor sizes and types. This versatility allows for easy customisation and adaptability, ensuring the right connector is always available for the job at hand.

Optimal Conductivity and Performance

Bimetallic PG Connectors provide excellent electrical conductivity, ensuring low power loss and optimal performance in electrical systems. By facilitating seamless connections between aluminium and copper conductors, these connectors play a crucial role in the efficient operation of electrical networks.

Durability and Longevity

Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and UV radiation, Bimetallic PG Connectors provide a long service life. Their bimetallic composition and corrosion-resistant materials protect against the elements and ensure lasting performance.

Selecting the Right Connector

When choosing Bimetallic Parallel Groove Connectors, it’s essential to consider factors such as the conductor size, type, and material, as well as the installation environment and the applicable standards and specifications. Proper selection and installation of connectors can help ensure optimal performance and longevity of electrical systems.

In summary, Bimetallic PG Clamps offer a comprehensive solution for connecting and securing aluminium and copper conductors in electrical systems. Their unique bimetallic design, high-quality materials, and adherence to international standards make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. By selecting the right connector and ensuring proper installation, you can optimize the performance and extend the lifespan of your electrical systems.

Maintenance and Inspection

For optimal performance and safety, it is crucial to periodically inspect and maintain your Bimetallic PG Clamps. Regular visual inspections can help identify any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Additionally, checking the tightness of the bolts and ensuring proper torque levels are maintained can prevent potential issues before they escalate. By implementing a proactive maintenance strategy, you can ensure that your Bimetallic PG Clamps continue to provide reliable service for years to come.

Compatibility with Insulation Materials

Bimetallic PG Connectors are designed to be compatible with various insulation materials, including heat shrink, cold shrink, and pre-molded slip-on products. This compatibility ensures that the connectors can be seamlessly integrated into your electrical system while maintaining proper insulation levels and protection.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials in Bimetallic PG Clamps not only enhances their durability but also makes them environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for frequent replacements, these connectors contribute to a lower overall environmental impact.

Safety Precautions

When working with Bimetallic PG Connectors, it’s important to follow all applicable safety precautions and guidelines. Ensure that all personnel involved in the installation process are adequately trained and familiar with the proper techniques and procedures. Additionally, always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.


Bimetallic Parallel Groove Connectors, or Bimetallic PG Clamps, offer a superior solution for connecting and securing aluminium and copper conductors in electrical systems. Their innovative design, high-quality materials, and compliance with international standards make them a reliable and efficient choice for various applications. By selecting the appropriate connector, adhering to safety precautions, and performing regular maintenance, you can maximize the performance and longevity of your electrical systems.


Cable Size mm2 Conductor ∅mm Dimensions in mm No. Of Bolts Code
Al Cu Al. MAX Cu.Al. MAX W L
16 – 70 6 – 50 6 – 12 3.5 – 9 42 40 2 PGBM00006B2
25 – 150 10 – 95 7 – 16 4 – 13 46 50 2 PGBM00007B2
25 – 200 25 – 185 7 – 19 7 – 18 58 64 2 PGBM00009B2
35 – 300 35 – 240 8 – 26 8 – 21 64 105 3 PGBM00008B3