Lugs & Connectors

High-quality Electrical Cable Lugs and Connectors

Looking for high-quality electrical cable lugs and connectors for your next project? Axis Electricals offers a wide range of cable lugs and connectors, designed to ensure a secure, mechanically strong, and electrically conductive connection between conductors and various components.

Axis Lugs are made of high-grade electrolytic copper (ETP Grade) and available in a range of diameters and mounting holes, with wire sizes ranging from #8AWG to 1000MCM. The terminals are UL & C-UL approved and have corrosion-resistant tin plating. Discover our wide range of Cable Lugs and Connectors

Lugs & Connectors

Lugs & Connectors

Copper Lugs

Perfect for large gauge applications, copper lugs offer excellent conductivity and are ideal for outdoor and marine environments. Commonly used for interconnecting heavy gauge power cables to bus bars, relays, batteries, solar power inverters, and earthing devices.

Aluminium Lugs

Made from high-conductivity, pure aluminium, these lugs are suitable for outdoor use and provide a cost-effective alternative to copper lugs. Their barrel entry is chamfered for easy cable insertion, and they feature an AntiOxide compound to reduce oxide formation and improve connection after crimping.

Bimetallic Lugs

These lugs are manufactured using friction welding, combining a copper palm with an aluminium barrel. Ideal for terminating aluminium conductors onto copper bus bars, they are often used in control panels, switchgear, and combiner boxes in solar plants.

Insulated Lugs

Featuring a layer of insulation around the connection point, insulated lugs offer protection against electrical shock, short circuits, and other potential hazards.

Split Bolt Connectors

These connectors join the grounding wires and other components together, creating a complete circuit that provides a path for electricity to flow to the ground. The use of split bolt connectors in grounding applications allows for a secure, reliable connection that can withstand the high currents and voltages associated with electrical grounding and lightning protection.

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    Why Axis Lugs & Connectors?

    Proven Track Record and Global Footprint

    For over 30 years, Axis Cable Solutions has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of lugs and connectors, making us a preferred choice for electrical professionals across the globe. Our products are employed in numerous projects spanning 80+ countries, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering first-rate solutions that cater to diverse demands. 

    Uncompromising Quality and Safety Standards

    At Axis Cable Solutions, we prioritize quality and safety above all else. Our lugs and connectors undergo rigorous testing to comply with the strictest industry regulations, such as UL certifications, ensuring top-notch performance and peace of mind for our customers. With our NABL-accredited laboratory, we continuously strive for product improvements and innovations, guaranteeing only the best for our clients. 

    Tailor-made Solutions and Expert Guidance

    Understanding that each project has its unique challenges, Axis Engineers offers specialized consultation and technical support for lugs and connectors. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients, crafting customized solutions that address their specific requirements. Whether you need assistance in selecting the right connector or require a bespoke lug design, Axis Electricals stands as your reliable partner. 

    Choose Axis Lugs & Connectors for Excellence and Reliability

    When you opt for Axis Lugs & Connectors, you’re choosing a company with a proven track record of delivering outstanding electrical connection solutions. Our extensive experience, global reach, commitment to stringent quality and safety protocols, and dedication to providing expert consultation and tailored services set us apart from the competition.

    Trust Axis as your go-to source for all your Lugs and Connectors needs.

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