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Copper Rod for Grounding

Types of Copper Bonded Earth Rods

Do you know what helps maintain the safety of you and your electrical appliances from fault current? A metal rod called Earth Rod. These Copper Rods establish quality earthing systems in overhead, underground electricity distribution and transmission networks. They provide ground contact in all soil conditions like high voltage substations, …

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Tensile Test on UTM

Tensile Test on UTM: Video Guide

Tensile test on UTM is a common method used to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials. A tensile test involves applying a tensile load to a sample of material until it breaks or deforms and measuring the response of the material under that load. One common tool used to perform …

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TT Earthing Sytem

What is TT Earthing System? Detailed Explanation

Scope   Over the last century, electrical safety standards have evolved into very sophisticated systems that encompass all components of a safe installation, including TT Earthing Systems and other types in the category. In Low-voltage (LV) Electrical Installations, the reference standard IEC 60364 is used to determine the actions to …

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Equipotential Bonding

Equipotential Bonding – Everything You Need To Know!

Introduction Earthed materials connect to the conductive surface of the Earth. They are connected for the safety purpose of routing defective current into the ground (by blowing a fuse) or dissipating potentially hazardous discharges. When numerous earthed items are connected, the magnitude of their voltage is limited, and a harmful …

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Renewable Energy Expo

Renewable Energy India Expo – See you at booth 15.270 – Hall #15

India’s renewable energy sector is growing by leaps and bounds. As of 2020, India has the 4th largest installed capacity for Renewable Energy, behind only China, US & Brazil. In 2020, 3 of the world’s top 5 largest solar parks were in India including, the 2255 MW Bhadla Solar Park …

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Introduction to Chemically Charged Pipe Electrode (CCPE)

Earthing or grounding is a critical aspect of electrical safety in any installation. It helps to prevent electrical hazards by providing a safe path for electrical fault currents to flow away from the system. A chemical earthing electrode is an advanced earthing equipment that offers numerous benefits over traditional stainless …

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Insulation Percing Connector Used

Where is Insulation Piercing Connector Used?

The prime objective of the Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) is to distribute the network. The installation of insulated piercing connectors has been combined with outstanding mechanical, electrical, and environmental properties to create a connector capable of terminating aluminium or copper-stranded wires. Insulation Piercing Connector is used for all AB cable …

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Lugs & Connectors

Compression Cable Lugs & Connectors: Applications & Installation

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on everything about Compression Cable Lugs & Connectors! The electrical power generated at the power station goes through several cables, devices, and systems, before reaching its destination. For the safest and most efficient power transfer, a reliable electrical system is required. Compression Cable …

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