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Introduction to Chemically Charged Pipe Electrode (CCPE)


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Earthing or grounding is a critical aspect of electrical safety in any installation. It helps to prevent electrical hazards by providing a safe path for electrical fault currents to flow away from the system. A chemical earthing electrode is an advanced earthing equipment that offers numerous benefits over traditional stainless steel electrodes at specific locations. However, Copper Bonded Earth Rods remain a popular option for earthing electrodes. In this blog, we’ll explore the chemical earthing electrode in detail and learn about its benefits, applications, and features.


What is Chemical Earthing Electrode?

Chemically Charged Pipe Electrode, also known as Chemical Earthing Electrode is an earthing equipment that employs the use of chemicals and electrodes to create a low impedance path to the ground. This electrode is connected to the equipment or structure to be grounded, creating a safe and effective electrical grounding system.


Where is Chemical Earthing Electrode installed?

High Power

Chemical earthing electrodes are installed in a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. They are commonly used in power plants, substations, data centres, telecom installations, and other electrical installations where safety and reliability are critical.


Technical Aspects of Chemical Earthing Electrode

Chemical Earthing Electrode has galvanized or copper-bonded steel pipes filled with Crystalline Chemical Compounds containing 60% sodium chloride and 40% calcium chloride. This combination allows for strong conductivity between the electrode and the ground, enabling high fault currents to drain quickly and the structure to remain safe.

At specific locations, chemical earthing pipes offer several advantages over other pipe electrodes. These pipes provide a much lower impedance path to the ground, resulting in better grounding efficiency. They are also more durable and resistant to corrosion, making them an excellent choice for harsh environments. Unlike other electrodes, which can be prone to theft, chemical earthing electrodes are more secure and cannot be easily removed or stolen.


Applications in comparison with other Electrodes

There are many applications where chemical earthing pipes are the best choice over Stainless Steel Earthing equipment. For example, in areas with high soil resistivity, such as rocky or sandy soil, chemical earthing provide a more effective and reliable grounding solution. They are also an excellent choice in areas with a high level of environmental pollution or chemical contamination, where traditional earthing equipment corrode or degrade quickly.


Features & Advantages

  • Efficiently dissipate heavy fault currents and electrical surges, both in magnitude and duration, to protect equipment from being damaged and minimize downtime.
  • Personnel working in the vicinity are protected from severe electric shock induced by “step potential” or “touch potential.”
  • These electrodes feature a low-resistance electrolyte, which ensures a stable and long-lasting grounding system.
  • Excellent electrical conductivity, low resistance and electrical impedance.
  • Capable of withstanding high fault currents without fusing or mechanical deterioration.
  • Lower earth resistance ensures energy dissipation into the ground. The lower the earth circuit impedance, the better the chances of high-frequency lightning impulses passing down the ground electrode path, rather than going through any other.


Applicable Standards for Chemical Earthing Electrode

  • IS: 3043/1987 Earthing Practice Code
  • IEC 62561-7 Earthing improvement compound necessity
  • IEEE-80- 2013 IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Sub Station Grounding



Chemical earthing electrodes are a reliable and efficient grounding solution that offers numerous benefits. With their superior conductivity, durability, and ease of installation, chemical earthing electrodes are quickly becoming the preferred choice for electrical grounding systems. Connect with us today, for getting your pipes delivered.




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