Copper Bonded Earth Rods (Threaded)

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In the specialized domain of electrical grounding, Axis offers an advanced solution with its Copper Bonded Earth Rods featuring threaded ends. Meticulously engineered, these rods come with a high tensile low carbon steel core that is molecularly bonded to 99.9% pure electrolytic copper, ensuring superior electrical conductivity across the structure.


Compliance with International Standards

The technical sophistication of our Copper Bonded Earth Rods (Threaded) is validated through rigorous testing protocols that conform to UL 467, CSA C22.2 No. 41-13, and IEC 62561-2 standards. These certifications guarantee the rod’s operational excellence, extended longevity, and compliance with globally accepted safety benchmarks.


Material and Dimensional Excellence

Constructed using a core of high tensile low carbon steel, each rod is endowed with a minimum copper coating thickness of 254 microns. A unique feature of the Axis Copper Bonded Earth Rods (Threaded) is the chamfered end, designed for seamless entry into the ground. Additionally, the rods fulfil all UL marking requirements, making them a paragon of quality and performance assurance.


Thread Strength and Anti-Chipping Technology

What sets these rods apart is the roll threading process used to form the threads, providing enhanced tensile strength and durability. This technology eradicates the risk of thread chipping during installation, ensuring a robust and reliable grounding system.


Comprehensive Grounding Solution

Similar to the non-threaded variant, the Axis Copper Bonded Ground Rods (Threaded) are designed to be part of a comprehensive grounding solution, fully compliant with international standards for both individual components and integrated systems. This content showcases the product’s engineered excellence and attention to detail, underlining Axis Electricals’ position as subject matter experts in grounding solutions.

Rod Dia (mm) Thread Size (mm) Total Length (mm) Code
12.7 1/2” 2440 CBR1224TUL
12.7 1/2” 3000 CBR1230TUL
12.7 1/2” 3600 CBR1236TUL
12.7 9/16” 2440 CBR1424TUL
12.7 9/16” 3000 CBR1430TUL
12.7 9/16” 3600 CBR1436TUL
14.2 5/8” 2440 CBR1624TUL
14.2 5/8” 3000 CBR1630TUL
14.2 5/8” 3600 CBR1636TUL
16 5/8” 2440 CBR1824TUL
16 5/8” 3000 CBR1830TUL
16 5/8” 3600 CBR1836TUL
17.2 3/4” 2440 CBR2024TUL
17.2 3/4” 3000 CBR2030TUL
17.2 3/4” 3600 CBR2036TUL
19 3/4” 2440 CBR2224TUL
19 3/4” 3000 CBR2230TUL
19 3/4” 3600 CBR2236TUL
25 1” 2440 CBR2524TUL
25 1” 3000 CBR2530TUL
25 1” 3600 CBR2536TUL