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Electrical Lugs Test

Don’t Buy Electrical Lugs without Knowing These 5 Tests! 1

Trust but verify. This concept applies not only to everyday life but also to electrical components like cable lugs. With countless cable lug manufacturers worldwide, many overlook the importance of regular product testing. This brings up a simple but crucial question: Do you trust your cable lugs? At Axis, we …

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TNS Earthing System

What is TNS Earthing System?

TNS (TN-S) earthing systems are vital for any electrical installation, providing a safe and reliable connection to the ground to protect people and property from electrical hazards. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of TNS earthing system, including how they work, the main components of these systems, …

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Tensile Test on UTM

Tensile Test on UTM: Video Guide

Tensile test on UTM is a common method used to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials. A tensile test involves applying a tensile load to a sample of material until it breaks or deforms and measuring the response of the material under that load. One common tool used to perform …

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Lugs – Types, Applications and Features

Lugs – Types, Applications and Features

Scope of Electrical Lugs A cable lug also known as a cable terminal is a component of an electrical device that connects the cable to the device terminals. It  simplifies the assembly of personnel, maintenance, and repair processes. A cable lug or connector is used when a permanent connection is …

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Bimetallic lugs

Types of Bimetallic Lugs and Specifications

The specifications of bimetallic cable lugs (aluminium barrel – copper palm) destined for installation on circular or semi-circular sectorial shaped, stranded, compacted aluminium conductors of power cables are highlighted in this blog. Bimetallic lugs prevent galvanic action due to dissimilar contact, primarily when a copper bus bar is connected to …

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Installation of Cable Lugs

Cable lugs are electrical components used to safely connect wires and cable terminals to electrical equipment or terminate them. They are designed to easily and securely connect and disconnect electrical joints permanently or for maintenance. There are different types of cable lugs available for various electrical applications. They are essential …

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Bimetallic lugs for solar

Bimetallic Lugs & Solution for Solar Industry

The solar industry is one of the most flourishing sectors in India. Electricity production using solar energy is getting much cheaper and easy. The bimetallic solutions like bimetallic lugs & joints are playing a crucial role here. In this article, we will discuss how bimetallic solutions are becoming the norm …

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Cable Lugs Design

Cable Lugs Design and Safety Principles as Defined in IEC & UL Standard

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on our Earthing and Lightning Protection Products! Cable lugs help in the easy installation of cable termination and aid in the repair and maintenance of electrical devices or cables. Commonly, the lugs are used to connect one cable with another or to connect …

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Bimetallic Usage

Bimetallic Lugs: Definition & Usage

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on everything about Bi-metallic Lugs! Bimetallic Lugs are constructed using a copper palm and aluminium barrel and are used to terminate aluminium conductors onto copper bus bars. Using these lugs in control panels, switchgear, and combiner boxes in Solar Plants prevents corrosion and …

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Lugs & Connectors

Compression Cable Lugs & Connectors: Applications & Installation

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on everything about Compression Cable Lugs & Connectors! The electrical power generated at the power station goes through several cables, devices, and systems, before reaching its destination. For the safest and most efficient power transfer, a reliable electrical system is required. Compression Cable …

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