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Difference Between Surge Arrester and Lightning Arrester

Major Difference Between Surge Arrester and Lightning Arrester

Why is understanding the difference between Surge Arrester and Lightning Arrester crucial? Did you know the UK’s weather department reports over 3 million lightning flashes every day around the world? That means about 44 strikes happen every single second. But if lightning strikes are so common how do people protect …

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Surge Protector Devices

Can Surge Protector Devices protect your EV Charging Stations?

In this blog, we will understand the surge risks faced in EV charging stations and the process of choosing the right Surge Protector Devices for your EV Charging Station. The surge risks associated with Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are an emerging concern as the adoption of EVs accelerates globally. …

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SPD VS Circuit Breakers

Surge Protection Device VS Circuit Breaker

In this blog we will understand Surge Protection Devices VS Circuit Breakers, by the end of this blog you will understand the difference between their applications, functions and types. Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are electrical devices, commonly installed in electrical power transmission and distribution systems, electrical power distribution panels, communications …

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Surge Protection Devices

Application of Surge Protection Devices (SPD)

As we described in our previous blog, ‘Lightning Protection System Design and Products’, Surge Protection Devices or SPD’s are an important part of any building’s Internal Lightning Protection System (LPS). SPD’s are designed to protect sensitive electronic & electrical equipment by limiting transient overvoltage and diverting surge currents. SPD’s are …

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