Distribution Boxes (PC)

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This range of Distribution Boxes are manufactured from Polycarbonates (PC) or ASA. These boxes have an option for spring loaded connections or busbar connections and are used to take multiple connections from a single enclosure – these connections can be used for distribution to households.


  • Body: UV resistant, fire retardant engineering thermo plastic (PC or ASA).
  • Spring Loaded Option: Copper Busbar. Aluminium Busbar as per customer requirement.
  • Cassette: UV Resistant engineering thermoplastic.
  • Busbar Option: Copper Busbar. Aluminium Busbar as per customer requirement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Passes the glow wire test of 960° Celsius as per IEC and thus protects the entire line from fire.
  • IP 55 rated and passes Heat Deflection Test thus reducing Distribution losses and faults.
  • Resistance to electric shock protecting human lives.
  • Universal brackets allow mounting of boxes on any pole type.
  • Specially designed key to lock/open the boxes preventing losses due to electrical theft.
  • Spring loaded type design allows easy and quick mounting of cables.
  • Due to it’s recyclability, these boxes have a lower impact on the environment.
  • These boxes eliminate the use of multiple piercing connectors on a main cable simplifying Inventory Management.
  • Customized boxes are available on request.
EnclosureConnection TypeE-code,Spring Loaded(Incoming/Outgoing)
DBP1180*250*134 mm1 PhaseDBP1SLS4DBP1SLS9
3 PhaseDBP1SLT4
DBP2270*270*160 mm1 PhaseDBP2SLS4DBP2SLS5DBP2SLS6DBP2SLS9
DBP3275*350*210 mm1 PhaseDBP3SLS4DBP3SLS5DBP3SLS6DBP3SLS9