Anchoring Clamps

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Axis Anchoring Clamps for Self-Supporting System (ACS) are used to anchor two or four core insulated bundled cables, all of which have equal cross sectional areas. The clamp is tightened by bolting and is designed in a manner to avoid damage to the cable insulation. The product can be used along with various types of hook bolts.


  • Clamping Plates: Galvanized steel.
  • Wedges: UV and weather resistant, high strength engineering-plastic.
  • Bolts: Galvanized steel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sustains the load of the cable size accommodated, ref. BSEN 50483.
  • Takes a range of cable sizes and has no losable parts, simplifying inventory management.
  • Spring mounting allows for the separation of the wedges and easy insertion of the cables.
  • Withstands extreme conditions leading to long life, safety, low maintenance and reduced lifetime cost.
Product CodeProduct RangeConductor DiaBreaking Load (KN)Pkg Qty
ACS 255025 – 50 mm29.5 – 12.5 mm20 KN38
ACS 509550 – 95 mm212.5 – 16.0 mm36 KN20
ACS 9512095 – 120 mm216.0 – 16.7 mm36 KN20

To terminate in to transformer leads or mains for industrial/residential supply.

To continue the line on Pole.