Pre-insulated Bimetallic Lugs

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Axis pre-insulated Bimetallic lugs (BMI) are used for insulated AB cables phase or neutral to terminate the cables. The end of the cables need to be stripped as per the length defined for the lugs and crimping is to be done on the locations designated on the insulation of the lug.


  • Aluminum barrel factory filled with oxide inhibiting compound.
  • Insulation Material: UV and weather resistant engineering plastic.
  • Seal Ring: UV Resistant Elastomer. Colour identification for each size.

Features & Benefits:

  • Complies to National and International Testing Standards (NF C, BSEN, etc.).
  • Weather resistant design thus reducing distribution losses and faults.
  • Easy crimping with standard hexagonal dies..
Product CodeCable Size mm2Colour CodeCable Dia
BMI001010GREEN4.5 mm
BMI001616BLUE5.5 mm
BMI002525ORANGE6.5 mm
BMI003535RED8.0 mm
BMI005050YELLOW9.7 mm
BMI007070WHITE11.0 mm
BMI009595GREY12.5 mm
BMI0120120PINK14.0 mm
BMI0150150VIOLET15.5 mm