Distribution Boxes (Deep Drawn)

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This range of Distribution Boxes are manufactured from Eproxy Coated Steel. These boxes have an option for busbar or terminal block connections and are used to take multiple connections from a single enclosure – these connections can be used for distribution to households.


  • Body : Body : Epoxy Coated Deep Drawn Steel
  • Busbar Option: Copper Busbar. Aluminium Busbar as per customer requirement.
  • Terminal Block Option: Housing: Engineering Thermoplastic.
  • Aluminium Busbar.

Features & Benefits:

  • Resistance to electric shock protecting human lives.
  • Provision for tamper proof locks to prevent electrical theft.
  • IP 55 rated and passes Heat Deflection Test thus reducing Distribution losses and faults.
  • Universal brackets allow mounting of boxes on any pole type.
  • These boxes eliminate the use of multiple piercing connectors on a main cable simplifying Inventory Management.
  • Customized boxes are available on request.
Enclosure Connection Type E-code,Spring Loaded(Incoming/Outgoing)
Type Size 1/4 1/8
DBD1 225*290*120 1 Phase DBD1TBS4 DBD1TBS8
3 Phase DBD1TBT4
DBD2 300*418*120 1 Phase DBD2TBS8