Suspension Clamps

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Axis Suspeniton Clamps for Self-Supporting System (SCS) are designed to suspend and grip the insulated bundle of a LV-ABC system by means of tightening through a bolt and wingnut assembly without the use of any additional tool. The product can be used along with various types of hook bolts.


  • Body : Hot dip galvanized steel.
  • Insert : UV and weather resistant elastomer.
  • Bolts : Galvanized steel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sustains the load of the cable size accommodated, ref. BSEN 50483.
  • Takes a range of cable sizes and has no losable parts, simplifying inventory management.
  • Can be used for straight line laying or up to deviation angles up to 30° which allows for easy turning in congested areas.
  • Deviation angles up to 60° can be achieved using the yoke plate and two suspension clamps which allows for easy turning in congested areas.
  • Withstands extreme conditions leading to long life, safety, low maintenance and reduced lifetime cost.
Product CodeProduct RangeConductor DiaBreaking Load (KN)Pkg Qty
SCS1 255025 – 50 mm221 – 28 mm7 KN60
SCS1 709570 – 95 mm232 – 37 mm7 KN60
SCS1 9512095 – 120 mm237 – 42 mm7 KN60
SCS1 951202/4C x 25 – 120 mm221 – 42 mm7 KN60


To support and suspend the line.

Yoke Plate

To provide deviation angles to the line upto 60° using Yoke Plate.