Suspension Clamps

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Axis Suspension Clamps for Insulated Neutral Messenger System (SCI) are used along with a bracket or other supporting hardware to suspend and grip, without damaging, the insulated neutral messenger of a LV-ABC system by means of an adjustable lock that accommodates a range of cable sizes. The clamp and bracket are available factory-assembled or separately.


  • Body, Movable Link & Lock: UV and weather resistant, high strength engineering-plastic.

Features & Benefits of Axis Suspension Clamps:

  • Exceeds requirements of NF C 33-040 and other international standards.
  • Withstands extreme conditions leading to long life, safety, low maintenance and reduced lifetime cost.
  • The Engineering plastics used provide additional insulation, strength and enable live line working without additional tools.
  • The design facilitates longitudinal and transversal movements allowing easy turning in congested areas.
Product CodeProduct RangeConductor DiaBreaking Load (KN)Pkg Qty
SCI1 253525-35 mm28.6 – 10.9 mm590
SCI2 253525-35 mm28.6 – 10.9 mm1230
SCI2 150054.6-70 mm212.3 – 13.6 mm1230
SCI3 7095up to 95mm212.3 – 13.6 (15.0) mm1230
SCI4 259525-95mm28.6 – 15.0 mm1240

To support and suspend the line.

To provide service connection by tapping main line.

Application Angle: