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Distribution Box VS Multiport (Satellite) Connector

Distribution Box

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Multiport satellite connector & distribution box are important electrical components used in the power distribution systems at homes, offices, and industries. The main purpose of both electrical parts is to extend electrical connectivity, supply sharing, tap-offs, and network scaling in different conditions and circumstances.

What Are Multiport Connectors?

Multiport Connectors

Multiport connectors, also referred to as satellite connectors, are a type of insulation piercing connector (IPC) used for connecting multiple subsidiary branches from the main supply line of power without perfect protection and safety. It is extensively used for aerial bundled (AB) cables in low-voltage (LV) power distribution systems. The most common satellite connector is a 1 to 4-port IPC connector that supports four branch connections drawn from the main power source.


What Are Distribution Boxes (DBs)?

Distribution Boxes

As the name indicates, a distribution box is an electrical component used for the distribution of low-voltage power within a premises or building. Distribution boxes terminate the incoming main supply and distribute them into the branches for different parts and portions of the distribution system in a home, office, or building premises. Distribution boxes for AB cable are available in different variants in terms of the number of supported ports, distribution types such as bus-bar or spring loaded, and types of material used for manufacturing them. The main types of distribution boxes include:




Features & Application

Low Voltage Pole for Distribution Box

Multiport Satellite Connectors

Multiport satellite connectors are designed to distribute the main power supply to multiple branch cables in an aerial bundled cable power distribution system. The most common type of multiport satellite connector is a 1 to 4-port satellite connector to distribute power into four branches from the main supply line. The most common applications of IPC multiport connectors include the electrification of rural villages where homes and commercial facilities are scattered, these connectors distribute connectivity to different types of commercial, industrial, and domestic consumers.

The balancing of loads and diversion of power from one line to another by creating tap-offs can be accomplished through these satellite connectors. The other main applications include expanding or scaling up of existing power network, providing temporary connections in case of any maintenance or faults, and feeding the street lights, etc.

The most attractive reasons to use satellite connectors for these applications include reliability, safety, cost-efficiency, ease of installation, reduced maintenance and lesser inventory management cost. All these advantages make it a preferred component not only by engineers but also by project managers and international utilities.

Distribution Boxes (DBs)

Distribution boxes take multiple connections from a single enclosure for providing a power supply within a home, office, building, or other commercial facilities. These boxes offer two main types of distribution connections such as bus-bar connections and spring-loaded connections. Distribution boxes are made from different types of materials such as sheet moulding compounds (SMC), polycarbonates (PC), Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA), and Epoxy coated steel. These materials are highly resistant to fire and ultraviolet (UV) to provide greater safety and reliability in power distribution systems.

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    Multiport Satellite Connectors vs Distribution Boxes

    Features and Applications Distribution boxes Multiport Satellite Connectors
    Applications Providing power to home and commercial facilities in a low-voltage power distribution system Building tap-offs, rural electrification, temporary connectivity, service connections, industrial distribution, and others in low-voltage power distribution system
    Safety Offers safety from electric shocks, leakages, and theft due to the use of thermoplastic materials and lock and key systems. The material used for manufacturing external body and internal cassettes is UV and fire-resistant. Multiport satellite connectors are designed to pierce into the insulation without removing it to provide a greater level of safety and reliability. These connectors provide safety from fire and sunlight damage.
    Installation features Distribution boxes support different types of installations such as wall mounting and pole mounting due to the use of universal brackets. It is a form of easy indoor/outdoor installation. IPC satellite connectors are commonly used in outdoor environments for easier installation through anchoring clamps and brackets


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    Both multiport IPC connectors and distribution boxes are the fundamental components used in low-voltage (LV) power distribution systems. Satellite connectors are very effective in power distribution activities like rural electrification, service connections, temporary connectivity, taps-off connections, and streetlight connectivity while the distribution boxes are very useful in power distribution to different areas of a building, industry, home, or any other commercial facility. Multiport satellite connectors & distribution boxes offer ease of installation, cost efficiency, faster projects and scalability, greater safety, reduced maintenance, and much more

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