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What are Hot Line Clamps? Applications & Selection Procedure

Hot Line Clamps

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A hot line clamp is a metal tool used to connect line taps. Its main job is to insulate transformers from the high voltage in transmission lines. These clamps are commonly used to link transformers to hot lines. They’re essential for making distribution connections at line taps and are widely used by professionals for repairs and attachments.

Hot line clamps are strong and effective tools. They are made of steel to control the flow of electricity from the power line to the transformer. Their great ability to insulate, makes them work better. Usually, they are made from strong metal alloys, with bronze and aluminium being the most common. These materials last for years, even in different weather conditions. These clamps can be used only by qualified electricians due to the high level of risk involved. They employ it as an attachment or for connection-making for repairing lines on Hot lines.

Hot lines carry electricity at very high voltage. In a transformer, this electricity is changed into a form with lower voltage but higher current, which is more practical. Hot line clamps are designed to manage and maintain the flow of this high current from the hot line to the transformer.

High Power

Components of Hot Line Clamps

The Hot line clamps are made up of four main parts:

  • The body and keeper
  • Eye stem
  • Eye bolt
  • String

These parts often include a bronze keeper and a hard-drawn copper bail for extra electrical clamps. Each component is essential for controlling and maintaining the flow of current to the conductor.

Keeper and Body: The core of the clamp is made up of the body and keeper components. These components provide several advantages and significant characteristics in addition to helping the connection between the Hot line and transformer. For example, they guarantee that the clamp is compatible with a wide range of conductors. These parts also guarantee the clamp’s durability and resistance to corrosion.

Eye Bolt: Another crucial component of a Hot line clamp is the eye bolt. The eye bolt offers uniform expansion when you load. Additionally, it prevents corrosion and other conductor oxides from building up inside the transformer. Any electrical equipment you connect to the clamp will be securely held in place by the clamps, thanks to the eye bolt. Additionally, the weight capacity affects how much weight the bolt can support.

Eye Stems: The Hot line clamp is kept firmly attached to the conductor by the eye stems. The quantity of stem in clamps varies from one model to another, the majority of Hot line clamps have two limbs, while others frequently include one.

String: Working on any electrical apparatus is quick and simple because of the string. It enables you to modify the hot line clamp to fit the conductor’s size.




Features of Hot Line Clamps

Strength and Corrosion: Made from aluminum or bronze alloys, hot line clamps are very b and don’t easily corrode.

Conductor Compatibility: They work well with most types of conductors.

Efficiency: These clamps are great at conducting electricity and also provide excellent insulation. This helps manage the flow of electricity and reduces the risk of electric shocks.

Durability: Given the demanding conditions they’re used in, hot line clamps are made to be very durable. They can withstand humidity, corrosive materials, and high temperatures.

Resilience: Hot line clamps can handle tough environmental conditions like rain, dust, and wind. They’re sturdy, can resist mechanical forces, and don’t easily bend or deform under external pressures.

Easy Installation: These clamps are straightforward to put in place and maintain, which can save on labour costs and reduce the time needed for upkeep.

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Types of Hot Line Clamps

Hot line clamps come in a variety of designs and varieties, including:

Aluminum Hot Lines Clamps: These clamps have good corrosion resistance and are lightweight. They are perfect for usage in environments exposed to seawater or with excessive humidity.

Copper Hot Line Clamps: Copper clamps are popular in the electrical industry and have a high electrical conductivity. They can be used in a variety of environmental settings and are corrosion-resistant.

Bronze Hot Line Clamps: Copper and other alloying elements are combined to create bronze clamps, which balance corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. They are strong and appropriate for heavy-duty uses.


How to choose the right Hot Line Clamp?

Material Considerations: The clamp’s material choice should be made in light of the environment and purpose for which it is intended. Clamps made of bronze, aluminium or copper, each have specific benefits, so it’s important to select the one that best meets your requirements.

Support for Various Conductor Types: Make sure the Hot line clamp you choose is appropriate for the sorts of conductors that are employed in your system. Hence, consider the conductor’s composition, size and other characteristics.

Correct Sizin: For the conductors to remain securely connected, the right hot line clamp size selection is essential. It is crucial to pick a clamp, that is compatible with the conductor’s size and can handle any thermal contraction or extraction that may take place.

Installation: Regardless of your reasons for needing a Hot line clamp, make sure to go for an easy-to-install clamp. Additionally, having the necessary tools would make the installation easy and quick. The heated stick, insulating gloves, and many more items are examples of these tools




Hot line clamps play a vital role in the electrical industry by ensuring a secure connection between conductors and electrical parts. They are key in power transmission and distribution systems due to their excellent ability to conduct electricity and withstand high temperatures.

Manufacturers use these clamps to connect tap lines to transformers. Transformers convert high voltage, low current electricity into low voltage, high current electricity, which is more useful. Hot line clamps are essential for making connections and attachments at critical points, where electric lines branch from the main line to tap lines.

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