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Advantages of Aerial Bundled Cables for Power Distribution

Aerial Bundled Cables for Power Distribution

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Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) is an innovative concept for Over Head (OH) power distribution. When compared to conventional bare conductor OH distribution systems, ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses, stability in voltage regulation and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operation costs. This system is ideal for rural distribution and especially attractive for installation in difficult terrain such as hilly areas, dense forests, coastal regions, etc. These lines can also be laid without cutting or trimming any trees. ABC is also considered to be the best choice for Power Distribution in congested urban areas with narrow lanes and by-lanes. Due to its insulation, it is convenient to lay even in densely populated areas with narrow gaps between buildings, where it is usually not possible to run bare conductors. Additionally, accidental electrocutions are avoided by the insulation of the cable.

Underground cable installations have a capital cost ratio as high as 20:1 when compared to OH lines, thus giving this system a distinct advantage in cost-effectiveness. Also, since the cables are clearly visible, the faults can be detected and rectified quickly and with ease. Damage due to water logging is also avoided as compared to underground cables.

Reliability, Safety And Flexibility

ABCs are highly reliable and the insulation has been developed to withstand heat, cold and intense sunlight. Disturbance and faults occur five to ten times more on open wire lines than on ABC lines. There is no risk in working on a live cable and the insulation reduces the number of short circuits, over-voltages and transformer burnouts caused by thunderstorms. Fewer hardware accessories are needed as each one can be used with many different sizes of cable. Since the cable can also be supplied with conductors for street lighting, it is more cost-effective.

Axis provides a full range of accessories for ABC which meet the test requirements of the best international standards and have been used by utilities all over the world. Axis Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC’s) have been tested for their dielectric strength by submerging them underwater for 30 minutes under a voltage of 6 kV.

You can download our catalogue to learn more about the Axis range of Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC) Accessories.

You can also watch our videos on ABC Accessories on YouTube.

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