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Difference Between Surge Arrester and Lightning Arrester

Major Difference Between Surge Arrester and Lightning Arrester

Why is understanding the difference between Surge Arrester and Lightning Arrester crucial? Did you know the UK’s weather department reports over 3 million lightning flashes every day around the world? That means about 44 strikes happen every single second. But if lightning strikes are so common how do people protect …

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ESE Mast Assembly

How to install ESE Lightning Arrester? Steps Explained

What is an ESE Lightning Arrester? An ESE lightning arrester is used because it becomes the fast conductive point of discharge for the lightning bolt and ground current safely. After installing this type of arrester, lightning does not hit random objects or the structure of the facility, the lightning bolt …

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ESE Coverage Area Calculation

Lightning Arrester Coverage Area Calculation Explained

What is Lightning Arrester’s Coverage Area? The coverage area of a Lightning Arrester (or Air Terminal) is the area within which the arrester can effectively protect a structure from lightning strikes. This area is determined by the spacing between air terminals. In this blog, we have explained the Lightning Arrester’s …

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ESE Lightning Arrester

Installation Of An ESE lightning Arrester

A lightning arrester protects the electrical network and the structures from lightning. When lightning strikes, it creates massive destruction and damages the equipment. A lightning arrester or a surge diverter protects the equipment at the substation. The lightning arrester bifurcates the abnormal high voltage to the ground without affecting the …

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ESE vs conventional

Difference between Conventional and ESE Lightning Arresters

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on everything about Lightning Arresters! Well, we all are aware of the lightning strike that occurs during the rainy season. But are we aware of the fact that we need to protect our structure and electrical system from it too? Yes, there is …

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Do Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection Systems Work?

What is Lightning Protection? Whether we talk about Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arresters or convential forms of lightning protection such as Franklin Rods – they are mounted on the top of a structure and then grounded using a series of conductors. This system is intended to protect the structure …

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