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ESE vs conventional

Difference between Conventional and ESE Lightning Arresters

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on everything about Lightning Arresters! Well, we all are aware of the lightning strike that occurs during the rainy season. But are we aware of the fact that we need to protect our structure and electrical system from it too? Yes, there is …

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Fault Passage Indicator

How does an Overhead Line Fault Passage Indicator work?

Could you imagine an hour without electricity? Even today, towns and villages in rural areas have to go hours or even days without electricity because of simple problems like a branch falling on a power line. These distribution lines travel hundreds of kilometers through forests or hilly areas where it’s …

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Dead End Clamps

Design and Testing of Anchoring & Suspension Clamps as per BS 3288

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on everything about Anchoring Clamps and Suspension Clamps! Anchoring Clamps and Suspension clamps are the most crucial parts of our distribution system. They perform one of the key roles in forming the electrical power distribution lines. In this article, we will discuss the …

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Digielec Bharat – Our first Virtual Exhibition & its success!

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates! After 6 months of isolation from our customers, we finally got to see them again at Digielec Bharat 2020, our first-ever virtual exhibition. Preparing for DigiElec Bharat was not an easy process because it was our first time doing this kind of event. …

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Lightning Theory

Theory of Lightning Protection

Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates  Most lightning never even reaches the ground, it just stays within the cloud where they originate. Sometimes a charge may escape the cloud and create a magnificent piece of art for photographers along with a loud boom for nearby observers. However, these …

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Introduction to the basics of Lightning Protection and Earthing and the Standards (IEC 62305 and UL 467)

Importance of Earthing  & Lightning Protection for Building Lightning is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that can discharge up to 200,000 amps in a fraction of a second. A direct strike can have devastating effects on people, buildings and the natural environment. Especially during stormy seasons, we witness numerous accounts of …

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