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Introduction to the basics of Lightning Protection and Earthing and the Standards (IEC 62305 and UL 467)


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Importance of Earthing  & Lightning Protection for Building

Lightning is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that can discharge up to 200,000 amps in a fraction of a second. A direct strike can have devastating effects on people, buildings and the natural environment. Especially during stormy seasons, we witness numerous accounts of people losing their lives due to lightning strikes. Beyond this obvious impact of lightning, the voltage spikes that accompany even indirect strikes can be catastrophic to a building’s electronic systems. With the advent of sensitive electronic equipment in our everyday life in recent times, the importance of proper lightning protection for building and other structures has become extremely critical.

To ensure 360-degree safety, earthing & lightning protection for building and other structures is a must. This equipment are been designed and tested according to the best international standards. Axis products, which are designed in accordance with these international standards, help customers identify the risks and solutions to any lightning protection and earthing needs.

This blog is an introduction to the standards that help guide international lightning protection for buildings and earthing/grounding system design. Our next blog will look at system design and products.



The International Electrotechnical Commission prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies and is the leading international organization in its field.

IEC 62305 – Protection Against Lightning, is the apex level document that informs the standards for lightning protection around the world. Axis’s Risk Assessment software and our lightning protection and earthing products are designed to work with systems designed as per IEC 62305.

UL & CSA are North American certification bodies that are followed widely in the US, Canada and other parts of the world.
UL 467: Grounding and Bonding Equipment, UL 96A: Installation requirement and C22 for lightning protection system are few important standards in this field.

To learn more about the Axis range of Earthing/Grounding Solutions and Lightning Protection, you can download our catalogue.

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