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Cable Lugs & Connectors

Axis Manufactures a wide range of Lugs and Connectors with sizes ranging from 1.5mm² to 1200mm² of Copper, Aluminum and Bi-metal. These products are compression or bolted type. Popular standards such as IEC, BS EN, UL& IS are followed to manufacture and to test these connectors.

zambia LV/HV AB Cable Accessories
LV/HV AB Cable Accessories

LV/HV AB Cable Accessories

Axis Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) fittings provide high quality, long lasting and safe solutions for LT distribution networks. We have exported these products to major utilities across the world.

Axis ABC products are manufactured as per NFC and IEC standards.

cable lugs Earthing & Lightning Protection
Earthing & Lightning Protection

Earthing & Lightning Protection

Axis Earthing and Lightning Protection sytems are manufactured and tested according to International Standards such IEC 62561, IEC 62305 & UL 467.

LV/HV AB Cable Accessories Cable Glands
Cable Glands

Brass Cable Gland, Kits and Accessories Manufacturer | Axis-India

The AXIS Brass Cable Gland product range offers users solutions that are designed and manufactured for fast assembly and reliable performance. AXIS Brass Glands are constructed from high-quality materials made with copper alloy for high strength and nickel-plated for corrosion resistance. With gland sizes ranging from metric threads M16 to M100 and inch threads 1/2″ to 3″, AXIS Glands are dependable with rapid installation methods for passing power cables to panels for Industrial applications, the Oil & Gas Industry and more, with increased efficiency, safety, and reduced costs

The AXIS Industrial Cable Gland range is designed, manufactured, tested and comply with International Standards like IEC 62444 & BS 6121.

Please contact us for more information on the testing and standards certifications of our range of Brass Cable Glands.

Download the catalogue for our full range of Cable Management Systems including Cable Cleats, Cable Glands and Stainless Steel Cable Ties and markers! You can read more about the importance of Cable Cleats for cable management in our article here.

Product Range

Installation of Axis Brass Cable Glands

It is important that Cable Glands are installed correctly to ensure the appropriate ingress protection and other requirements for mechanical and electrical properties are met. Hence, we produced a series of videos to help end consumers ensure that they are correctly installing their Brass Cable Glands.

For more information on our range of Brass Cable Glands or any other products, please feel free to contact us at

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Earthing & Lightning Protection Poleline Hardware
Poleline Hardware

Poleline Hardware

Axis offers a complete range of Overhead Line Hardware for LV, MV & HV Electrical Distribution Line Systems. These products are manufactured taking into consideration International standards such as BS, IS and utility specific requirements.

Cable Glands Examples of connections made using Axi-Weld Exothermic Welding
Examples of connections made using Axi-Weld Exothermic Welding

AxiWeld Exothermic Welding

Click here to download the AxiWeld Exothermic Welding Catalogue!

AxiWeld Exothermic Welding is a simple, cost effective, self contained and portable process of forming high quality and permanent metal-to-metal connections.The AxiWeld line of Exothermic Welding products are manufactured and tested in accordance to IEEE 837.

AxiWeld offers moulds which can make the following connections:
– Cable to Cable
– Cable to Ground Rod
– Cable to Steel Surface
– Busbar to Tape
– Tape to Cable

Example of AxiWeld Exothermic Welding Mould and Process

Through the Exothermic Welding process, connections are made by a reaction of a powdered copper compound and aluminium which allows superheated molten copper alloy to form on and around the conductors to be joined. The final connections are electrically conductive due to their high copper content and have strong corrosion resistant properties. The exothermic welding process can be used to weld materials for electrical purposes including but not limited to: Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Galvanized Steel, Steel Rail, Cast Iron and Copper Clad Steel.

Procedure for Exothermic Welding

You can watch the following video to learn how to make quick long lasting connections using the AxiWeld system!


In case you can’t watch the video above, you can use the following procedure to make sure you correctly use the AxiWeld Exothermic Welding System.

1. Identify the correct mould for which the joint has to be made.
2. Identify the correct weight of welding powder from the datasheet of the mould.
3. Identify the correct brush to clean the conductors or strips.
4. Clean the mould using brush and scrapper if required.
5. Preheat the mould.
6. Fix the mould onto the Handle clamp.
7. Clean and prepare the site for excess dirt, sand etc.
8. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance between ground and Clamp / mould at site for easy opening after joint formation.
9. Avoid loading effect of continuous running cables on mould. Uneven cable weight will create gap inmould and allow molten metal to leak, resulting into improper joint. (Create support wherever required to keep conductors aligned.
10. Locate the conductors within the mould.
11. Close and lock the mould using the handle clamp.
12. Seal the conductor openings on the mould using the mould sealing compound. This restricts the outflow of molten metal during the welding process.
13. Place the steel retaining disc in the mould cup above the top hole.
14. Pour the required amount of weld powder into the mould cup.
15. Pour the starting powder such that it makes a path till the lip of the mould.
16. Close the mould.

Example of technician holding the Axiweld Exothermic Welding Mould while pouring powder

17. Make sure the technician has worn gloves and safety glasses before igniting the powder.
18. Ignite the starting powder from the side using the flint gun
19. Allow the mould and joint to cool down.
20. Open the mould.
21. Use appropriate tools to carefully remove the welded joint from the mould.
22. Clean the joint and remove any excess slag.Congratulations!

Congratulations! You have now successfully joined the two conductors!

Poleline Hardware SS Cable Ties & Markers
SS Cable Ties & Markers

SS Cable Ties & Markers

Axis Cable Ties can be supplied with other accessories like Markers, I.D. Tags & Carriers used in oil refineries, petrochemical industries and other utilities worldwide. These cable ties comply to UL-1565 and BS EN 62275 standards.

Examples of connections made using Axi-Weld Exothermic Welding Cable Cleats
Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats

Axis Cable Cleats are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914.

SS Cable Ties & Markers LV/HV AB Cable Accessories

A Total Solution

Axis products are used everyday, all over the world, by Electrical Contractors & Installers, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies and Government Utilities.

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