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AB Cable System

Role of Clamps in AB Cable Accessories

Suspension Clamp, Service Clamp, Anchoring Clamp, Tension Clamp & High Tension Clamp are some of the crucial components of the AB Cable System. This blog helps you understand the material used for manufacturing, technical features and advantages of various clamps. Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) is a new concept for power …

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Earthing for transformer

Why is Earthing For Transformers So Important?

Distribution Transformers are an important component of the power distribution network. They play a major role in providing an uninterrupted power supply to consumers. They are one of the most reliable components of the power grid, yet there can be situations where they fail. Electrical damages are one of the …

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NFPA 780

NFPA 780 – A Brief Study On The Lightning Protection Standard

The latest 2023 edition of NFPA 780 covers traditional lightning protection techniques for a wide range of structures such as ordinary buildings, structures of wind turbines, watercraft, and those with flammable and explosive materials. The purpose of the standard is to safeguard persons and property from hazards arising from exposure …

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ingress protection means

Does Ingress Protection mean your Enclosure is Safe?

What is IP rating? IP rating or IEC 60529 grades the resistance of an enclosure against dust, water or other contaminants. It provides a list of the degree of protection offered by mechanical and electrical casings or enclosures. Electric equipment malfunctions or gets damaged when water or dust enters it. …

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Earthing compound

Role of Earthing Compound in Soil Enhancement

The earth resistance value is a major concern when dealing with earthing of any structure. Earth resistance measurements and the use of earthing compounds helps to identify and achieve a recommended earth resistance for a structure. We know that soil resistivity is the prime factor contributing to the earth resistance …

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The Electroplating Process for Earth Rods

The process of electroplating is to coat a thin layer of metal on another metal to improve its physical and chemical properties. This is usually done by applying a direct electric current which helps to create a strong chemical bond between the two metals.   Electroplating is generally done for two …

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Electrical Safety Auditing

Electrical Safety Auditing – Methodology & Scope

  We often hear about electrical accidents in commercial buildings, industries, and other facilities that cause huge losses like equipment, infrastructure and even human lives. These accidents often result from faulty or unsafe electrical practices or unnoticed worn-out electrical systems. The severity of the accident is increased with the absence …

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Earthing value as per Indian Standard

Earthing Value as per Indian Standard

The resistance offered by the earth electrode to the current flow into the ground is known as earth resistance. The ideal earth resistance is considered to be zero, such that there is a quick flow of fault current into the ground, but this is practically impossible. The earth resistance value …

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Type of electric cables

Type of Electric Cables & Conductors with Application

Electric power is distributed and used at the utility levels with the help of transmission systems, cables or other smaller conductors. Various type of electric cables is designed for specific requirements. The main aim of every type of electric cable is to conduct electricity or signals to the desired location. …

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Single Line Diagram

Single Line Diagram for Substation – Detailed Explanation

What is a Single Line Diagram? A single line diagram also called the one-line diagram is a symbolic or graphical representation of a three-phase power system. It has a diagrammatic representation of all the equipment and connections. The electrical elements such as circuit breakers, transformers, bus bars, and conductors, are …

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