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ESE Coverage Area Calculation

Lightning Arrester Coverage Area Calculation Explained

What is Lightning Arrester’s Coverage Area? The coverage area of a Lightning Arrester (or Air Terminal) is the area within which the arrester can effectively protect a structure from lightning strikes. This area is determined by the spacing between air terminals. In this blog, we have explained the Lightning Arrester’s …

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ESE Lightning Arrester

Installation Of An ESE lightning Arrester

A lightning arrester protects the electrical network and the structures from lightning. When lightning strikes, it creates massive destruction and damages the equipment. A lightning arrester or a surge diverter protects the equipment at the substation. The lightning arrester bifurcates the abnormal high voltage to the ground without affecting the …

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How to install lightning arrester on building?

Lightning arrester rods, surge arresters, or lightning conductors are metal rods installed on a building for lightning protection. They protect structures or substations from the travelling waves of lightning and divert the abnormally high voltage to the ground. They are made from copper and brass alloy which are good conductors …

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What causes Lightning?

What causes Lightning? Why do we need Lightning Arresters?

Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on Lightning Protection and our Lightning Arresters! What Causes Lightning? Most lightning never reaches the ground, they just stay within the cloud where they originated. Sometimes a charge may escape the cloud and create a magnificent piece of art for photographers along with …

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Lightning for Solar

Lightning Protection for Rooftop Solar PV Plants

Lightning Protection for my Rooftop Solar System? Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates  Rooftop Solar PV Plants which are placed at the top of buildings making them susceptible to direct lightning strikes require protection using correctly designed lightning protection using lightning arresters and surge protection to ensure long …

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Do Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Protection Systems Work?

What is Lightning Protection? Whether we talk about Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arresters or convential forms of lightning protection such as Franklin Rods – they are mounted on the top of a structure and then grounded using a series of conductors. This system is intended to protect the structure …

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