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Earthing Design

How to select an Earthing Design?

Always complete your Earthing Design before installing an Earthing System to ensure that the system works safely. An earthing system is a critical component of any electrical system and provides a safe and reliable path for electrical current to flow to the ground. This protects against electrical hazards, such as …

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Copper Rod in Maintenance Free Earthing

What is Maintenance Free Earthing?

Earthing, also known as grounding, is the practice of transferring electrical charges to the ground through low-resistance cables or rods to quickly discharge any stored energy. There are two main types of earthing: maintenance-free earthing and conventional system earthing. In this article, we will focus on maintenance-free earthing, which is …

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Structural Earthing

Structural Earthing or Conventional Earthing? Know the difference!

In the world of electrical safety, earthing or grounding is a critical safety measure that protects both people and equipment. In this blog, you will understand the concept of “Structural Earthing,” a standard construction practice that offers numerous benefits. We’ll also compare it with “Conventional Earthing” another essential method in …

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