Service Clamps

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Axis Service Clamps for Insulated Neutral Messenger System (SAM) is used along with a bracket or other supporting hardware, and is used to strain the insulated service conductor of a LV-ABC system without damaging the cable’s insulation. The main application of Axis Service Clamps are to bring service connections to households or street lighting. The clamps can be used for anchoring 1, 2 or 4 service cables.


  • Body and Wedges: UV resistant, high strength engineering-plastic.
  • Bail: Stainless Steel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Exceeds requirements of NF C 33-042 and other international standards.
  • Withstands extreme conditions leading to long life, safety, low maintenance and reduced lifetime cost.
  • Engineering plastics provide additional insulation, strength and enable live line working without additional tools.
  • Two clamps with a bracket used for large angle assembly which allows for easy turning in congested areas.
  • Captive Design Clamp with a bracket used for straining, reduces installation time and cost.
Product CodeProduct RangeConductor DiaBreaking Load (KN)Pkg Qty
SAM1 1C 16251C x 16-25 mm27.0 – 9.4 mm2KN60
SAM2 2C/4C 16252/4C x 16-25 mm27.0 – 9.4 mm2KN60
SAM3 2C/4C 16252/4C x 16-25 mm27.0 – 9.4 mm2KN60
SAM4 2C/4C 4252/4C x 16-25 mm212- upto 22 mm2KN60

To provide angles to service lines.

To support tap-off service line.

To anchor serviceline on the wall.