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Grounding Rod Installation

Ground Rod Installation – Step by Step Procedure Explained

What are Ground Rods? Ground rods are a crucial component of the earthing system. They are highly conducting metallic rods that are buried deep into the soil and play a significant role in protecting the electrical system from over-current and related damages. Ground rods are typically made of solid copper, …

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Transmission Lines

Transmission Line Voltage Regulation & Efficiency Explained

Did you know that 19% of Electricity generated in India is lost while transmitting from the generation plant to the end customer. If you look at Data from the World Bank, the average Electric power transmission and distribution losses for the World was 8% in 2014. Hence, Electric Companies are …

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Importance of Earth Mat in Substation

The earth mats or grounding mats bring the connection to the earth indoors. They usually connect through a conductor inserted within the ground port of an electrical outlet. They help in limiting the ground potential & protect against the faulty current. They are used in a place where the large …

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