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Renewable Energy Expo

Renewable Energy India Expo – See you at booth 15.270 – Hall #15

India’s renewable energy sector is growing by leaps and bounds. As of 2020, India has the 4th largest installed capacity for Renewable Energy, behind only China, US & Brazil. In 2020, 3 of the world’s top 5 largest solar parks were in India including, the 2255 MW Bhadla Solar Park …

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Introduction to Chemically Charged Pipe Electrode (CCPE)

Earthing or grounding is a critical aspect of electrical safety in any installation. It helps to prevent electrical hazards by providing a safe path for electrical fault currents to flow away from the system. A chemical earthing electrode is an advanced earthing equipment that offers numerous benefits over traditional stainless …

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Insulation Percing Connector Used

Where is Insulation Piercing Connector Used?

The prime objective of the Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) is to distribute the network. The installation of insulated piercing connectors has been combined with outstanding mechanical, electrical, and environmental properties to create a connector capable of terminating aluminium or copper-stranded wires. Insulation Piercing Connector is used for all AB cable …

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Earth resistance

What is Earth Resistance? How to measure it?

Electrical systems can fault at any time due to equipment failure, power surges caused by lightning strikes, or variations in the power grid. These faults can be hazardous for individuals handling electrical equipment, as they become an instantaneous pathway for current to flow. It’s here that the concept of proper …

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