Standard Length Flared Barrel Connector (AWG)

Code: N/A


  • Material: E-Copper
  • Finish: Electro-Tinned
  • Application: Up To 35 kVA
  • Voltage Rating: 600 Volts / 90°C
  • Features :
    • Cable Stop Facility
    • Flared End Barrel for easy insertion of fine Stranded Flexible Cables
CodeConductor AWGConductor MM2LColor Code
AJS8CF8 AWG100.90Red
AJS6CF6 AWG1.00Blue
AJS4CF4 AWG1.00Gray
AJS3CF3 AWG251.25White
AJS2CF2 AWG351.25Brown
AJS1CF1 AWG501.80Green
AJS10CF1/0 AWG1.60Pink
AJS20CF2/0 AWG701.75Black
AJS30CF3/0 AWG1.75Orange
AJS40CF4/0 AWG1.90Purple
AJS250CF250 kcmil2.00Yellow
AJS300CF300 kcmil1502.10White
AJS350CF350 kcmil2.10Red
AJS400CF400 kcmil2.30Blue
AJS500CF500 kcmil2402.50Brown
AJS600CF600 kcmil3002.50Green
AJS700CF700 kcmil2.87Pink
AJS750CF750 kcmil3.20Black
AJS800CF800 kcmil4003.20Orange
AJS1000CF1000 kcmil5003.70White