Split Bolt Connectors

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Split bolt connectors are a type of electrical connector used to connect two or more wires together. It is called a “split bolt” connector because it consists of a bolt with a split in the middle, allowing the connector to be opened and the wires to be inserted. The bolt is then tightened to secure the wires in place. These connectors are commonly used in applications where a secure, reliable connection between multiple wires is needed. They are often used in place of other types of connectors, such as crimp connectors, because they are considered to be stronger and more reliable. They are also easy to install, making them a popular choice among electrical and electronic professionals.

  • Material: Extruded / Forged Brass Section BS2874
  • Finish: Electro-Tinned / Untinned or Copper Plated


Split Bolt Connectors for Grounding

Split bolt connectors are commonly used in grounding applications, such as in lightning protection systems and electrical grounding systems. In these systems, the connectors are used to join the grounding wires and other components together, creating a complete circuit that provides a path for electricity to flow to the ground. The use of these connectors in grounding applications allows for a secure, reliable connection that can withstand the high currents and voltages associated with electrical grounding and lightning protection.

To use split bolt connectors in a grounding application, the installer will first need to strip the insulation off the ends of the grounding wires and other components. The wires are then inserted into the split in the bolt, making sure that they are positioned correctly. The bolt is then tightened using a wrench or other tool, which squeezes the connector onto the wires and creates a secure connection. Once all the connections are made, the grounding system is ready to be tested and activated.

In addition to their use in grounding applications, split bolt connectors may also be used in other parts of the system, such as in the wiring of the buildings and structures that are being protected. These connectors are commonly used in a variety of applications where a secure, reliable connection between wires is needed.

Split bolt connectors may be used in the grounding of fences. In a fencing application, the split bolt connectors may be used to connect the grounding wires to the fence itself, or to connect the fence to other grounding components, such as grounding rods or surge protectors.

Cable Size mm2 Dimensions in mm Code
10 4.5 SBC10B
16 6 SBC16B
25 6.9 SBC25B
32-35 8.1 SBC35B
50 9.7 SBC50B
70 11.2 SBC70B
95 13.6 SBC95B
100 14 SBC100B
120 15 SBC120B
150 16.6 SBC150B
185 18.2 SBC185B
240 21.4 SBC240B
300 23.7 SBC300B
400 26.2 SBC400B
500 30.1 SBC500B