Concrete Earth Pit

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The concrete earth pit is used for load ratings upto 4000 Kgs and is suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations.

The Pit can have an earth bar fitted diagonally across in slots provided for multiple connections.


The Axis Concrete Earth Pit is designed to provide a reliable and robust solution for Earthing and Lightning protection systems. With a load rating of up to 4000 Kgs, our concrete earth pit is suitable for most types of earthing installations.

Key Features

Easy Access: The Axis Concrete Earth Pit comes with a removable cover, allowing easy access to the earth electrodes and other components of the earthing system. This enables you to perform inspections, testing, and maintenance with minimal hassle.

Multiple Connections: Our Concrete Earth Pit features slots for fitting an earth bar diagonally across, allowing for multiple conductor connections. This ensures a secure and efficient connection, improving the overall performance of your earthing system.

Durable and Strong: Made from reinforced concrete, the Axis Concrete Earth Pit is designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide long-lasting service. Its strength and durability make it an ideal choice for various earthing applications.

Versatile Applications: The Axis Concrete Earth Pit is perfect for a range of earthing applications, including inspection, testing, and maintenance. Its convenient design ensures easy access to the earth electrodes and other components, allowing you to perform necessary tasks without any hassle.

Easy Installation: Installing the Axis Concrete Earth Pit is a straightforward process. Simply excavate a hole, place the earth electrode and conductor, fill the hole with conductive material, install the Earth Pit, and connect it to the earthing system using a conductor.

Heavy Duty Concrete Earth Pit: With a load rating of up to 4000 kg, this Earth Pit offers exceptional strength and durability. Its design allows for multiple conductor connections, enhancing the overall performance of your earthing system.

Our Earth Pits can be interconnected with various systems such as transformer neutral, lightning arrester, and electronic equipment, following the guidelines provided by relevant standards. This ensures optimal performance, safety, and reliability of your entire earthing system.

Safety Measures

To maintain a high level of safety, it is essential to regularly inspect and maintain your Earth Pit. Separate electrical and instrumentation trenches, maintain neutral earth-pits, and ensure separate earthing for high mast structures or lightning protection systems.

Choose Axis Concrete Earth Pit for a reliable, durable, and efficient solution for your earthing and lightning protection systems. Browse our wide range of Earth Pits  and enhance the safety and performance of your electrical installations today!

  1. Dig a hole at the designated earthing system site using a shovel or other digging tools. Ensure the hole is large enough to accommodate the earth pit, typically measuring 1.5 m x 1.5 m x 3.0 m for a standard pit.
  2. Position the earth electrode and earth conductor in the excavated area according to the earth system design. Use Galvanized Iron Plates (500 mm x 500 mm x 10 mm or larger) to improve earth contact and decrease earth resistance.
  3. Surround the earth electrode with conductive materials like sand or gravel, providing a low-resistance connection and ensuring proper grounding of the Earth Pit. For enhanced resistance, consider using earth-enhancing compounds.
  4. Place the Earth Pit into the hole, ensuring it is level and stable. Construct the Earth Pit with reinforced concrete for strength and durability.
  5. Link the Earth Pit to the earthing system using a conductor (e.g., wire or cable), establishing a grounding connection and enabling easy access and maintenance of the Earth Pit.