Flexible Copper Braid

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Copper braids are woven structures made from strands of copper wire, providing a flexible and durable connection for various electrical and electronic applications. They are widely used for shielding, earthing, and establishing electrical connections between large components. Copper braids come in various sizes, weaves, and finishes to cater to different requirements, depending on the flexibility, electrical characteristics, and environmental factors.

Copper braid construction varies depending on the desired flexibility and application. The braid can be made using different wire diameters, with smaller diameters providing increased flexibility. Different weaves like flat, round, and rope braids provide varying levels of flexibility and can be chosen based on the specific requirements of the application.

Axis Copper Braids are available in various wire finishes, such as bare copper, electro tin-plated copper and electro nickel-plated copper. Custom finishes can also be requested to suit specific needs.

Types of Copper Braid Products

  1. Flat braids: Flexible in two axes, they are suitable for creating electrical connections and grounding. Flat braids can be made from different wire diameters, with smaller diameters providing greater flexibility.
  2. Round braids: Flexible in three axes, they offer increased flexibility compared to flat braids and are used in applications where multi-directional movement is required.
  3. Rope braids: Even more flexible than round braids, rope braids come at a higher cost but provide the most flexibility.
  4. Tubular shielding braids: These braids are used to shield central cables from electromagnetic interference, improving signal quality and reducing noise.
  5. Knitted copper mesh: A type of copper braid used in shielding applications and filtration.


Applications of Copper Braids

  1. Earthing Straps: These flexible straps, made from high conductivity copper, are used in electrical distribution, building services, and process plants for lightning protection and grounding purposes. By selecting the appropriate braid, termination, and insulation, earthing straps can be optimised for performance in terms of temperature, flexibility, corrosion resistance, weight, and electrical characteristics.
  2. Earthing Bonds: Earth bonding leads are used for earthing, electrical bonding, and lightning protection in various industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and rail. They are also essential for grounding in audio, video, and computer systems.
  3. Pipe & Valve Bonding: Copper braids are used to create earth bonds for pipes and valves in various applications, including marine and oil & gas industries. They can be made from round tinned copper braid, insulated or non-insulated, or stainless steel braid.
  4. Transformer Braids: High current copper braid connectors are used for busbar to transformer connections and other electrical connections within power transmission systems.
  5. Busbar Braids: Copper braid connectors are used for connecting busbars to various electrical components like transformers, generators, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, ACBs (Air Circuit Breakers), MCCBs (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), and other connections within power transmission systems. They provide a flexible and durable solution for high-power electrical connections.
  6. Flat Copper Braids: These economical braids are made from 0.20 mm diameter wire, which is braided into a tube and then flattened through a rolling process. They are ideal for lower current applications that require flexibility.
  7. Flexible Copper Braids: Made from 0.15 mm and 0.1 mm diameter copper wire, these braids offer more flexibility than the standard flat copper braids. They can be stacked to increase current ratings or reduce width for a given current rating. Flexible copper braids are used as earthing straps and in numerous electrical components.
Overall Size (A x B) mmSize mm2Current Rating AMPCode
12 * 1.58.440FB0121
12 * 316.8105FB0123
19 * 1.512.163FB0191
19 * 3.022.4140FB0193
25 * 1.519.685FB0251
25 * 336.5200FB0253
25 * 673400FB0256
32 * 1.536.5120FB0321
32 * 342.1240FB0323
32 * 681.4400FB0326
38 * 353.3800FB0383
38 * 680500FB0386
50 * 370.2400FB0503
50 * 6109.5800FB0506
50 * 122801500FB5012
75 * 6140.41000FB0756