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Axis Teams up with Rotary to improve Paediatric Services


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On 24th June, 2018, BSES M G Hospital in Andheri West, Mumbai inaugurated the paediatric ward that was renovated using funds donated by Axis and other sources and with the help of Rotary Club of Mumbai Divas (RCMD). In recognition of the contributions made by Axis, the ward was renamed to ‘Axis Paediatric Ward’.The project was undertaken after the directors of Axis visited the hospital and viewed the abject conditions in which the hospital was running. As a government-funded hospital, the majority of people arriving there were from low-income households who could not afford other facilities.

The hospital receives 12,000 paediatric patients aged 0-18 yrs in its outpatient department (OPD) annually with over 250 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) admissions. Since there were currently no separate septic chambers in the NICU for infected babies, NICU babies would often become victims of hospital-acquired infections. The unit also lacked advanced Medical Equipment such as Non-Invasive Ventilators, LED type phototherapy, etc. which would help with faster recovery for the children. The project, helmed by Tehmina Khandwala – President of RCMD for the year 2017-2018, involved the renovation of the NICU, procurement of new Bio-Medical Equipment for the NICU and renovations of the Paediatric Ward, Nursing Station & Play Area. With these improvements, renovations and additions, the goal is for the children to recover faster but also to have a better experience at the hospital for the time they have to be there.

The Axis team is pleased to share this news with you as it looks forward to continued service to the community.

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