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How to install lightning arrester on building?

Lightning arrester rods, surge arresters, or lightning conductors are metal rods installed on a building for lightning protection. They protect structures or substations from the travelling waves of lightning and divert the abnormally high voltage to the ground. They are made from copper and brass alloy which are good conductors …

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Improving Operational Efficiency for SME’s During the Lockdown

Over the past few weeks of the lockdown, we at Axis have been working tirelessly to improve our internal operations systems. Manufacturing facilities may be closed across the country but this lockdown has given us the time to work on projects with long term benefits. Our focus has been to …

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Natural Disasters

Protect Your Home From Natural Disasters

The importance of Lightning Protection! When we imagine natural disasters, often the first things to come to mind are the cyclones, earthquakes and floods that can affect us on the Indian subcontinent. Sometimes we turn on the TV and can see the tornadoes that wreak havoc through the American Mid-west …

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