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House Earthing – Design & Testing

Earthing connects all the major electrical equipment in our house such as fridge, AC, washing machine, grinder to the ground. So when there is an event of a power surge or lightning strike the extra current formed in the system is easily drawn down to the earth, protecting them from …

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Earth Mats

Earth Mats – Why do we need them?

An Earth Mat is a mesh formed of bare metallic conductors and buried in shallow soil to provide better safety from touch and step potential. Earth mats are a part of the grounding system implemented in substations, production plants, industrial areas, etc., where high power handling occurs. More efficient grounding …

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Pipe Earthing

Pipe Earthing VS Chemical Earthing – Explained with Diagram

Electrical circuits are involved with an adequate amount of energy to cause electric shock hazards in case of a fault. A fault can occur due to power surges, leakages due to faulty equipment, lightning strikes hitting directly or indirectly and so on. So it is necessary to focus on the …

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Myths of Chemical Earthing

Myth 1: Chemical Filled Electrodes are long lasting and maintenance free Corrosion resistance is one of the primary requirements from an effective electrode – it will determine the working life of the entire earthing system. Detecting failed earth electrodes is not easy since they are buried far underground. Two long …

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