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AB Cables

What are AB Cables & their Cable Construction Systems?

AB Cables represent a revolution in overhead (OH) power distribution. With its superior safety features, higher reliability, and more efficient performance, it outclasses the conventional bare conductor overhead distribution system. Not only does it decrease power losses, it also maintains consistent voltage regulation. Moreover, the ABC system proves its cost-effectiveness …

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Aerial Bundled Connectors

Importance of Using Tested Accessories for AB Cable Power Distribution Lines

Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates    Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) is an innovative concept for Over Head (OH) power distribution. When compared to the conventional bare conductor OH distribution system, ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses, stability in voltage regulation and ultimate system economy …

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LV AB Cable

Components of an LV AB Cables Distribution Line

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables, which have an insulating layer of XLPE, are an innovative concept for the distribution of electricity to households, street lights or other low voltage applications. These electrical distribution systems are practical not only in congested cities where the insulation provides safety and manoeuvrability but are …

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