Long Length Connector (AWG)

Code: N/A


  • Material: Electrolytic Grade AL 99.5
  • Finish: Natural or Electro-Tinned for Dual Rating
  • Application: Up To 35 kVA
  • Voltage Rating: 600 Volts / 90°C
  • Features: Cable Stop Facility Barrel pre-filled with Oxide Inhibiting Compound & sealed with Plastic Cap
CodeConductor AWGConductor MM2LColor Code
AJL8A8 AWG101.38Blue
AJL6A6 AWG1.63Gray
AJL4A4 AWG2.00Green
AJL2A2 AWG352.38Pink
AJL1A1 AWG502.38Gold
AJL10A1/0 AWG2.50Tan
AJL20A2/0 AWG702.63Olive
AJL30A3/0 AWG2.88Ruby
AJL40A4/0 AWG3.13White
AJL250A250 kcmil3.25Red
AJL300A300 kcmil1503.25Blue
AJL350A350 kcmil3.88Brown
AJL400A400 kcmil4.88Green
AJL500A500 kcmil2405.00Pink
AJL600A600 kcmil3005.13Black
AJL700A700 kcmil5.245.24
AJL750A750 kcmil5.38Yellow
AJL800A800 kcmil4005.51Gray
AJL900A900 kcmil5.75Gray
AJL1000A1000 kcmil5005.98Brown