E1Z Industrial Cable Gland

Code: N/A


Brass indoor and outdoor cable glands suitable for steel tape armoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cable. Provides grip to the cable with outer and inner seals. Used in most climatic conditions weatherproof and waterproof. Earth tags to be use for earth continuity. E1Z brass glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities. Recommended to use PVC shroud for additional ingress protection..

  • Type: E1Z
  • Design Specification: BS 6121 : Part I
  • Ingress protection : IP66
  • Gland Material : Brass
  • Finish : Plain Brass or Nickel Plated
  • Seal Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Cable Type : Steel Tape Armour
  • Armour Clamping : Three Part Armour Lock
  • Sealing Technique : Compression & Displacement Type
  • Sealing Area : Inner & Outer Sheath
Gland SizeCable Dimensions AccommodatedGland Dimensions
Under Armour DiaOverall DiaSteel Tape ThicknessDia ‘A’Dia ‘B’Metric Entry Thread ‘C’Minimum Thread Length ‘D’Across Flat’E’Product Code – Plain BrassProduct Code – Nickel Plated
MinMaxMinMax / 0.3511.917.0161524.10E1Z0016BE1Z0016N
20S7.811.68.815.80.15 / 0.3511.917.0201524.10E1Z0020SBE1Z0020SN
20L11.813.911.719.50.15 / 0.514.520.3201527.17E1Z0020LBE1Z0020LN
25S13.015.517.025.80.15 / 0.516.526.4251532.75E1Z0025SBE1Z0025SN
25L14.019.917.026.00.15 / 0.520.727.4251535.85E1Z0025LBE1Z0025LN
3219.725.223.533.50.15 / 0.5526.934.1321542.90E1Z0032LBE1Z0032LN
40S26.529.429.038.50.2 / 0.629.639.6401549.30E1Z0040SBE1Z0040SN
40L32.132.139.939.90.2 / 0.632.541.8401550.80E1Z0040LBE1Z0040LN
50S32. / 0.838.650.2501561.70E1Z0050SBE1Z0050SN
50L38.443.239.551.00.5 / 0.844.052.8501563.75E1Z0050LBE1Z0050LN
63S44. / 0.850.361.9631573.90E1Z0063SBE1Z0063SN
63L50.155.951.365.30.5 / 0.856.466.5631578.50E1Z0063LBE1Z0063LN
75S56.061.962.071.60.5 /
75L62.067.962.578.00.5 / 1.068.378.5751596.00E1Z0075LBE1Z0075LN
9068. / 1.080.390.29020105.30E1Z0090BE1Z0090N