Copper Clad Steel Stranded Conductor

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Center To Center Dist. Of Fixing Hole (mm): 200, Braid Dim (mm): 25 x 3, Hole Size (mm): 12


Copper-clad steel stranded conductor is stranded by a certain number of single copper-clad steel wires.
It has the strength and toughness of steel, as well as the good conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper.
Compared to the single copper wire, it has the advantages of small density, high strength and low cost, and can fit perfectly and replace the traditional pure copper wire.

Why Copper Clad Steel Conductor?

  • High intensity: CCS wire has higher tensile strength than pure copper wire.
  • Lightweight: Lighter 9-13% than pure copper wire. Under the same wire size and weight, its length is 1.13 times that of pure copper wire. So buying 1 ton of CCS wire is the same as buying 1.13 tons of pure copper wire.
  • Saving cost: CCS wire is much cheaper than pure copper wire, while its surface quality is the same as pure copper wire.
  • Using copper cladding steel wire will reduce greatly the production cost while guaranteeing the same quality as pure copper wire.
  • Reducing copper theft since copper cannot be recovered by scrap dealers.
Size in
Area mm2
33.63No. 21 / 6.5427.40433.636.54ACCSC01
21.15No. 41 / 5.1917.23421.155.19ACCSC02
13.3No. 61 /4.1210.83913.34.12ACCSC03
63.453 No. 43/5.1952.11763.4511.18ACCSC04
50.33 No. 53/4.6241.31550.39.96ACCSC05
39.893 No. 63/4.1232.7739.898.87ACCSC06
31.653 No. 73/3.662631.657.9ACCSC07
25.13 No. 83/3.2620.61825.17.03ACCSC08
19.893 No. 93/2.9016.34219.896.26ACCSC09
15.783 No. 103/2.5812.96615.785.58ACCSC10
9.923 No. 123/2.058.1529.924.42ACCSC11
148.047 No. 47/5.19121.848148.0415.57ACCSC12
117.367 No. 57/4.6296.593117.3613.86ACCSC13
93.097 No. 67/4.1276.61593.0912.34ACCSC14
73.867 No. 77/3.6660.78773.8611ACCSC15
58.577 No. 87/3.2648.20458.579.79ACCSC16
46.427 No. 97/2.9038.20646.428.72ACCSC17
36.837 No. 107/2.5830.31336.837.76ACCSC18
318.5519 No. 519/4.6226.322318.5523.1ACCSC19
252.6619 No. 619/4.12208.777252.6620.57ACCSC20
200.4719 No. 719/3.66165.648200.4718.33ACCSC21
158.9719 No. 819/3.26131.359158.9716.32ACCSC22
12619 No. 919/2.90104.11312614.53ACCSC23
50.2NO. 1/01/8.0394.38450.28ACCSC24
78.5NO. 3/01/10.0616.22578.510ACCSC25



  • Overhead system for power transmission and telephone lines.
  • Overhead-contact systems for railway and Light Rail Transit.
  • Earthing for the electrical power industry.

Technical details of Copper-clad Steel Conductor :

  • Material for producing CCS wire: Low-carbon steel or high-carbon steel
  • Wire Diameter: 0.20mm –10 mm.
  • Tensile strength: Low carbon min 300N/mm2
  • Conductivity: 30% IACS, 40% IACS or as per client’s requirement.
  • Packing: In coils or on reels/spools.