Analog Lightning Strike Counter

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Tape Size (mm): 30 x 3

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A water-proof analog lightning strike counter is a universal type of lightning counter. When the lightning protection circuit system is normal, there is no lightning current in the discharge line, the lightning counter doesn’t count. When the lightning current is discharged to the ground, the lightning counter senses the current and counts correctly by deflecting the number of lightning strikes. Analog Lightning strike counter is suitable for all applications for lightning protection systems. This Lightning Counter can count accurately. No battery or external power source is required for its operation. It takes the advantages of being dust-proof and water-proof, etc.


Type Waterproof Lightning Strike Counter
Minimum Counting Current(8/20ps) > 500 A
Count Number 0-999999 times
Down Conductor Maximum Diameter 6 to 12 mm
Measure (Height x Width x Depth) 120 x 80 x 60 mm
Working Humidity < 95%
Operating Temperature -40 ~+85° C



Compliance to IEC 62561-6



The waterproof lightning counter doesn’t need special maintenance. Annually, check the down conductor bareness part of the lightning rod, to see whether the contact segment is well connected or not.

Minimum threshold current rating lmin 1 kA
Maximum current rating Imax 100 kA
Protection Class IP 65
Brand AXIS


Type Analog
Digits 6
Impulse Count Up to 999999
Power Source Not require
Mounting Wall-mounted and Pole mounted
Impulse Waveform 10/350 µs
Down Conductor Fixing Terminal Connector (included)

The Analog lightning counter can be installed with the down conductor suitable to mount on wall or mast. The installation diagram is as follows:

1) Loosen the two screw nuts in the back of the lightning counter, remove the clamp, put the down conductor of the lightning rod between the two screw nuts, and then put the pressing plate and then screw nuts, tighten the two screw nuts.

2) Pay attention to the down conductor of the lightning rod, the Installation and wiring diagram, the bareness part of the lightning rod and the mounting plate, and the pressing plate. The contact segment must be well connected to low down the contact resistance, to make sure counting accuracy).