Copper Cable Lugs serve as an optimal solution for large gauge applications that require significant power transfer or grounding. These lugs enable the connection of a wire through either crimping or soldering techniques, contingent on the specific lug type. One extremity of the copper lug facilitates cable connection via soldering, welding, or crimping, while the opposite end is fastened to an appropriate termination or connection point using a bolt, screw, or spring clip.

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Why Axis Copper Lugs?

Our Copper Cable Lugs are recognized for their simplicity in installation and enduring reliability. Our Copper Lugs are composed of premium ETP Copper materials and are tin-plated for added protection against corrosion. They are particularly beneficial for outdoor applications or usage within marine environments.

Our Electrical Lugs, capable of accommodating cable sizes ranging from 1.5 sq mm to 1000 sq mm, offer reliable and swift termination methods. These are perfect for connecting heavy gauge power cables to bus bars, relays, batteries, solar power inverters, grounding devices, and more. They enhance efficiency, promote safety, and result in cost savings, making them an essential component when dealing with copper lugs.