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Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC)

Axis Insulation Piercing Connector

Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC) is used on all AB cable systems (messenger wire as well as self-supporting system) to take a tap connection. This tap can be used to continue the line, distribute the line, used in street lighting or in-service connections to households.

The design allows the connection to be completely sealed against any water ingress, thus acting as a waterproof connector.

There are four main applications to IPC's, namely street lighting, tap off, distribution box charging, and jumper connections. You can click here to learn more about the application of IPC's and how to choose the correct one for your requirements.


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Insulation Piercing Connectors


  • Body: Black High strength engineering plastic used for mechanical reliability of the connector.
  • Contact Plates: Tinned Copper or Tinned Copper Alloy or Aluminium or Aluminium Alloy.
  • Fasteners: Galvanised Steel.
  • Shear Nut: Aluminium or Aluminium Zinc Alloy


Features & Benefits:

  • Complies to National and International Testing Standards (NF C, BSEN, etc.).
  • Tap connection can be taken from either side and grease filled end cap is provided for a safe termination.
  • Easy and safe installation on live lines thus leading to less downtime during maintenance and installation.
  • Connections are made without stripping the cable ensuring long cable life and preventing loss due to theft.
  • Weather-resistant and Waterproof (passes 6 KV underwater test) thus reducing distribution losses & faults caused by heat generation due to dust and water ingress.
  • Contact plates allow bimetallic use and are suitable for Aluminum to Aluminum and Aluminum to Copper connections.
  • Can accommodate a range of cable sizes thus simplifying inventory management.
  • Simultaneous tightening with shear nut design prevents loose connections or overtightening.
  • No losable parts


Product CodeDesign Capacity of Cable Size / Main LineDesign Capacity of Cable Size / Tap LineTorque Bolts / No Bolts / Spanner Size (mm)
ABC9400516-95mm²1.5-10mm²5-7 Nm1 x M610
ABC940106-95mm²6-35(2.5)mm²9-11 Nm1 x M813
ABC9400916-95(120)mm²4(16)-50 mm²9-11 Nm1 x M813
ABC9401116-95mm²16-95mm²15 Nm1 x M813
ABC9400850-150 mm²50-150 mm²18-20 Nm1 x M813
ABC9401225-120 mm²16-120 mm²14 Nm2 x M813
ABC9401319-240 mm²19-240 mm²25 Nm2 x M1017
ABC9401450-150 mm²1.5-35 mm²18-20 Nm1 x M813



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