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Why Earth Plate? A good earthing system protects the personnel against electric hazards and safeguards electrical devices, appliances, power tools, machinery, etc. from current leakage. Properly designed earthing also avoids interference with the communication circuits present in the system.


In Plate Earthing, a plate made up of galvanized copper or iron is buried vertically at a depth of not less than 3m from ground level. The plate connects all the conductors to the earth.

Solid copper plates provide a long-lasting earthing solution in places where driving earth rods might be impractical.

Earth plates are made up of electrolytic grade solid copper sheet

(Also on request made up of steel sheet with copper bonding)

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To implement a plate type earthing, a plate made up of either copper or galvanized iron (GI) with dimensions 600mm x 600mm x6.35mm is buried vertically in the earth which is not less than 3m from the ground level.  For successful completion of the plate type earthing, an earth pit must be dug, plate electrodes should be inserted, earthing and water connections are to be made, the pit must be backfilled and an inspection chamber should be built.  Read the procedure in detail in our blog - Plate Earthing Diagram


Solid Copper Earth Plates

Plate Size ' A x A x B ' mmE - Code
500 x 500 x 3EPSC0553
500 x 500 x 5EPSC0555
600 x 600 x 3EPSC0663
600 x 600 x 5EPSC0665
900 x 900 x 3EPSC0993
900 x 900 x 5EPSC0995
1000 x 1000 x 3EPSC0113
1000 x 1000 x 5EPSC0115

Copper Bonded Earth Plates

Plate Size ' A x A x B ' mmE - Code
500 x 500 x 3EPCB0553
500 x 500 x 5EPCB0555
600 x 600 x 3EPCB0663
600 x 600 x 5EPCB0665
900 x 900 x 3EPCB0993
900 x 900 x 5EPCB0995
1000 x 1000 x 3EPCB0113
1000 x 1000 x 5EPCB0115


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Plate earthing can prevent major accidents such as accidents that occurred due to static charges and stray current and protect systems like central communication, electronic and AC power systems meeting the earthing safety requirements for the electrical substation.


At AXIS, we test our products following major international standards such as IEC, BS EN, UNE, and UL & IS. To watch our videos by our experts - click here.

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