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From building basic water infrastructure in villages to refurbishing the NICU ward for a government hospital, Axis believes in giving back to society. We invest heavily in the foundations of a healthy society: water, healthcare, education & sanitation. Through these initiatives, we’ve impacted thousands of people, allowing them to live healthier lives with more opportunities.

  1. Strengthening India’s Schools
  2. Making Water Safe & Easy to Access
  3. Upgrading our Hospitals
  4. Continuing to help at the Local Level

Education is the foundation of a progressive economy and the children currently in our schools are the bedrock of our country’s future. Unfortunately, there are areas within India that lack the basic essentials for creating a suitable environment for studying. Axis believes every child deserves an equal opportunity at education for which every step is of the essence, right from the basic s to the evolution of technology in the classroom.

In collaboration with various Rotary club, Axis has reached various schools and colleges to provide technological upgrades to primitive classrooms. These technologies are tools to aid the teacher to further motivate and amplify the progress of the students in their care.

Axis through its CSR initiatives has been an instrument in building infrastructure facilities in poor urban schools and also in remote areas. These basic facilities affect the health, behavior, engagement, learning, and growth of the students.


Axis, through its collaboration with various Rotary club, has built over 100 toilets, provided over 5,000 study tables & chairs and over 50 drinking water facilities in the government-run schools.

Clean, safe and accessible drinking water for all is a basic human need, but it is nothing more than a dream for most people in the remote areas of India.

In 2015, Axis used its funds to dig a borewell, erect a tank and provide piping across an entire village so that they could have clean drinking water at strategic locations without having to trek several kilometers each way. Up to a lakh household would benefit from this initiative.

A network of 10 villages has been reached out to various regions in India.


Axis was able to reach more than 100,000 families through this initiative.

Due to the lack of funding at various governments run hospitals, their facilities and equipment can be outdated which results in the degradation of care that they can provide economically disadvantaged individuals who go to these hospitals for care.

Over the years, Axis has spent significantly to provide upgrades at various hospitals across the metropolitan region of Mumbai. Through these donations, Axis aims to create a safe and healthy environment where the most disadvantaged in our local community can receive the healthcare they require.


Axis has donated funds to completely renovate the pediatric ward at BSES Hospital which receives 12,000 pediatric patients per year. Axis’s donations of incubators and CPAP Systems have also been installed at major hospitals in Mumbai which serve thousands of patients per year.

In association with Rotary Clubs, Axis has been allied with various projects to provide necessary facilities when required. Through these miscellaneous activities, Axis has provided:

  • CCTV Cameras in local neighborhood
  • Wheelchairs to the differently a bled

Axis was able to reach more than 100,000 families through this initiative.

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