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Types of Insulation Piercing Connectors and their Applications on AB Cable Systems

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Introduction to Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC)

Insulation Piercing Connectors are used on all AB cable systems (messenger wire as well as self-supporting system) to take a tap connection. This tap can be used to continue the line, distribute the line, used in street lighting or in service connections to households. The design allows the connection to be completely sealed against any water ingress, thus acting as a waterproof connector.


Application Guide

There are four main applications to IPCs, namely street lighting, tap off, distribution box charging, and jumper connections.

1. Street Light Connections

Street Light Connections




In this application, IPCs are generally used to tap the main AB Cable and connecting it to a service line that powers streetlights or other applications.





2. Tap off/Multi-Tap Connection to Households

Multi Tap Connection to Households




These IPCs are used to tap the main AB Cable and bring power to households. Using the Multiport IPC, a one-tap connection from the mainline can be used to bring connections to multiple households.




3. Distribution Box Charging Connection

Distribution Box Charging Connection




These IPCs are used to tap the main AB Cable Line to charge Low Voltage Distribution Boxes which are further connected to different applications such as residential connections, street lights, etc. Axis Low Voltage Distribution Boxes can provide up to 9 outgoing connections for each incoming line.



4. Jumper Connection

Jumper Connection




These IPCs are generally used with the same size of cable on each side to facilitate T-Connections (90° turns) or any other high angle turn.



Axis provides the full range of insulation piercing connectors for all the applications listed above. The Axis range of IPCs and their applications are listed below.

ABC products

ABC Products

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Along with using the correct products, it is also important that the products are installed correctly. To watch how to correctly install our range of Insulation Piercing Connectors, please watch our application video here.


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