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Pole Mounted Distribution Boxes

What is a Pole Mounted Distribution Box?

A distribution box is a key component of an electrical supply system. From a single, common enclosure, it helps to divide an electrical power main feed into multiple subsidiary outgoing connections that can be used to provide electrical connections to individual homes, buildings or other requirements.

Product Range

Spring Loaded & Busbar Bolted Type

Material : Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) | Fire Retardant Polycarbonate (FRP)

Features : Used in densely populated areas for multiple connections.



What are the key material performance requirements of an Electrical Distribution Box?

Due to their application in electrical systems, the material composition of Distribution Boxes has performance requirements that need to be met in order for the box to be compliant to Axis Quality Control and customer requirements. The major requirements are as follows:

1) Flame retardant with Glow Wire Flammability Index at 960°C as per IEC 60695 to ensure that any flame outside the box cannot enter inside and damage equipment and also to prevent any flame within the box from spreading outside.

2) The material should sustain a 2kV current for one minute without damage so that the box can withstand surge voltages.

3) The material should be heat resistant at 70°C and Resistance to tracking at 175 Volt.

4) The material should be mechanically strong so that the box does not crack or get other damage due to impact.

Axis Pole Mounted Distribution Box meet all the performance criteria required for the efficient application of the product with the lowest chance of failure on the line. Axis provides a wide range of Electrical Distribution Boxes that can be used in various low voltage applications.

How do I install a Pole Mounted Distribution Box?

It is important that the Distribution Box is installed correctly to ensure the correct functioning of the product. We made a video that you can watch below to help end-users install the product correctly.


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