Cable Lugs & Connectors

Axis Manufactures a wide range of Lugs and Connectors with sizes ranging from 1.5mm² to 1200mm² of Copper, Aluminum and Bi-metal. These products are compression or bolted type. Popular standards such as IEC, BS EN, UL& IS are followed to manufacture and to test these connectors.

LV/HV AB Cable Accessories

Axis Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) fittings provide high quality, long lasting and safe solutions for LT distribution networks. We have exported these products to major utilities across the world.

Axis ABC products are manufactured as per NFC and IEC standards.

Earthing & Lightning Protection

Axis Earthing and Lightning Protection sytems are manufactured and tested according to International Standards such IEC 62561, IEC 62305 & UL 467.

Cable Glands

Axis offers a wide range of industrial Cable Glands for indoor and outdoor use. Our Cable Glands and accessories are manufactured according to the functional requirements of BS EN 62444 and DIN standards.

Poleline Hardware

Axis offers a complete range of Overhead Line Hardware for LV, MV & HV Electrical Distribution Line Systems. These products are manufactured taking into consideration International standards such as BS, IS and utility specific requirements.

Axi-Weld Exothermic Welding

Axi-Weld is a simple, cost efficient, self contained and portable process of forming high quality permanent connections. These products are tested in accordance with IEEE 837.

SS Cable Ties & Markers

Axis Cable Ties can be supplied with other accessories like Markers, I.D. Tags & Carriers used in oil refineries, petrochemical industries and other utilities worldwide. These cable ties comply to UL-1565 and BS EN 62275 standards.

Cable Cleats

Axis Cable Cleats are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914.

A Total Solution

Axis products are used everyday, all over the world, by Electrical Contractors & Installers, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies and Government Utilities.

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