MEE Dubai 2024 - What to Expect?

Axis at MEE 2024


We are exhibiting at the Middle East and Africa’s most comprehensive energy exhibition. As one of the largest exporters of electrical hardware from India and a member of the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) – Axis is excited to exhibit again at MEE 2024. 

Why are we going to MEE 2024?

MEE  has always been the largest congregation of the Power Sector, Electrical & Allied Electronics Industry Ecosystem in the Middle East. This gives us and all our fellow industry colleagues the chance to interact and see the changes in the industry over the preceding years. Over 50,000 people attended MEE 2023 from more than 170 countries – we expect these numbers to be far higher for 2024 as projects like  NEOM, AR Rass Solar Project, Red Sea Project and hundreds of projects with SENELEC, KPLC, TANESCO, ESCOM, etc are being developed at full speed.

Axis has been associated with MEE  for more than 10 years. This collaboration has given us massive business opportunities and numerous new relationships across the globe. This year in MEE 2024, we are back with our wide range of electrical solutions to support your project requirements.  

You’ll find us at Stand C-01 in Hall No 3 

At MEE 2024, you will meet more than a dozen of our team members including our Directors, Sales & Technical Team. Click the button below if you want to discuss the requirements for your latest project. 

Axis Stall at MEE 2023

Power Sector Solutions

With more than 40 engineers dedicated to providing the most efficient system designs & building long-lasting products, Axis provides a number of solutions for the power sector including: 

Lightning Protection Solutions

Right from site visits to lightning protection design to material supply and finally installation of the system, Axis provides a 360 degree solution to all your lightning protection needs. With 25+ years of experience, we use our proprietary Lightning Protection software and in-house manufacturing to give you the fastest turnaround time on your projects. Where else can you find manufacturing & project design under one roof?

At MEE 2024, you can meet our entire technical team who will take you through our past Lightning Protection designs, show you our Lightning Protection software and even show you how we manufacture our lightning protection products in the factory.

Earthing Solutions

UL Listed Earthing Products combined with our proprietary Earthing Calculators (based on IEC 62305 & IEEE 80) will give you the fastest calculations, delivery & installation for your projects. Substation Earthing projects (using IEEE 80) can also be executed faster using Axis’s proprietary software and Copper Bonded Earthing Strips.

Why wait weeks for other designers or manufacturers, use Axis now!

 At MEE 2024, you can see the quality of the UL Listed Copper Bonded Earth Rods & other Earthing Accessories that Axis has been manufacturing for more than 30 years.

AB Cable Accessories

With 1000’s of kms of Axis AB Cable Accessories deployed across rural India and Africa, Axis is the most trusted Indian manufacturer of these cable accessories. In-house testing using mechanical & electrical tests have ensured that only the highest quality products have been used to bring electricity to millions of villagers.

You can see a demonstration of the entire AB Cable system along with all accessories at our stall at MEE 2024.

LV/MV Pole Line Hardware

Axis offers a complete range of Overhead Line Hardware for LV &
MV Electrical Distribution Line Systems. These products are
manufactured as per International standards
such as BS, IS and utility specific requirements.

NABL Accredited Test Lab

Testing Facilities

NABL & UL certified test labs ensure that you will only see the highest quality products at MEE 2024.

Mechanical Testing

Vertical & horizontal UTM upto 200kN using samples of each production batch to ensure no defects in final products. Small jigs & fixtures are used to test the mechanical application of products before shipping.

Electrical Testing

A range of test equipment for Electrical Ageing, Heat Cycling, Endurance, Temperature Rise, Dielectric and High Voltage tests. Additionally, all raw material are tested for conductivity as per IACS to ensure only the highest conductivity raw material is used for final production.

Pre-conditioning Test

Deep Freezers & Ovens allow us to test products from temperatures of -30°C all the way up to 250°C. You can be certain that the polymers used in Axis products are tested, designed and manufactured to withstand the environmental conditions of your region.

Product Development

The newly refurbished testing lab is the perfect playground for our Product Development team. In-house testing & rapid prototyping facilities allow our engineers to take client ideas and quickly test & develop them into finished products.

We're excited for MEE 2024, are you?


As the days tick by, we continue to prepare for the biggest exhibition of Middle East. We’ve booked our flights to Dubai, rented a house and are making the final preparations to meet you. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register for MEE 2024 now so that you can easily enter the exhibition. We look forward to meeting you!

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