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AXIS Lightning Protection Systems are designed to protect structures and systems against Lightning damage. Axis tests its lightning protection products in accordance with Major international standards such as IEC, BS EN, UL& IS. Axis also provides design solutions including a proprietary risk assessment software complying with IEC 62305 - 2.


Design of Lightning Protection System


The first step in the design of a lightning protection system is Risk Assessment. Axis’s Risk Assessment software uses a range of parameters that allow users to determine the risk and thus the Class of Lightning Protection System (LPS) that is required for their specific structure.


Based on this, you can now design the external and internal protection systems for your building. The External protection system would include an Air Termination, Down Conductor and an Earth Termination System. For internal protection, one would use surge protection devices and equipotential bonding.


The positions of the Air Termination can be decided based on the rolling sphere method, the protective angle method and the mesh method. The rolling sphere method can even be used to define the zones of protection for structures with complex geometry.  The radii for the sphere is determined directly from the Class of LPS. The Protection Angle method is used for simple structures but only up to a certain height as determined by the class of LPS. The Mesh Method is best used for flat surfaces where the air termination conductors are to be placed at the roof edges and where no other metallic structure will be above the air termination system.


Axis Air Termination Rods are made from high-grade electrolytic Copper that provides the highest conductivity to allow the flow of high-intensity lightning strikes preventing any damage to the structure or equipment.


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